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  • Yeah, I thought about that, but looking at the positions it wouldn't make sense to put allies on the same island. FTA is properly countered with infantry though (we have 0 and 2, you have 1 and 3). I think the reason is that the map creator designed it with ffa in mind primarily, in which case it makes sense for the turn order to go in a cycle.
    You turned my chance of a major comeback into a garbage turn that'll end up losing me the game, just with two conveniently placed ships. Dumb luck.
    Didn't want to state this in the Elections thread, since it might unintentionally derail it, so... My reply was actually a joke. I added the to in your quote so that all I cited would seem to say, "Oh boy, this sounds so great; let's move there!" It wasn't meant to twist what you said for anything bar the sake of an ironic joke.
    Yup. I've gotten a lot better at snake since I got the top high score the first time and I could have gotten a higher score at any time but I didn't see a point in it until you got a higher score than me.
    Here and there I am. I'm busy with work and school so I don't have enough time logging onto the Internet. But you can find me on Skype
    But of course I am, this is a nice board, no trolling/sh*tposting
    The community is really good. I'm glad ZD did that contest last Spring or I wouldn't be here right now :D
    To be honest I can't. The annoying little teenagers who harassed me and went to the snooping level of called me a nasty dirty pig can kiss my ***.

    But I'll come back on for you cause I still like you <3
    I've been pretty much been driven away from this site from some very unfriendly users and forgot a lot of events. But not our conversations <3
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