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Peace Of Heart
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  • 90% of Mario games range from either pretty good to... atrocious. A large part of this 90% is consisted of spin-offs like Mario Party. Only 10% of Mario games are deserving of the legendary title.
    I noticed sort of a downfall in franchises. The more installments, the lower the aggregate review scores. But then there's Zelda. 19 years after the Zelda series' debut... TP comes out with the second highest ratings of the entire series. Now that is called consistancy. :)
    Exactly. Zelda could end up like other franchises that were once great. Take Sonic for instance - we don't want Zelda to be a repeat of Sonic, do we?
    Hey there Peace of Heart, welcome to Zelda Dungeon...that weird site full of nerds disscussing about Zelda...just kidding.
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