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Peace Of Heart
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  • You know, it wasn't until recently that I actually noticed that your name is Peace of Heart, not "Piece of Heart". Well, i didn't really look that hard when I first saw your name, but still, very clever.
    Can I borrow one of your purchased masks? I don't like spending my points and I really want to go out and trick or treat. :P
    I'm leaving mine the same they look ok. What are you going to be for Halloween I'm going to be scream AGAIN
    Your profile colors look nice. Oot was my second game so I want it to have everything the N64 had but to add new side quests and dungeons along with a little more plot.
    Yea it's suppose to be mysterious but if it wasn't it wouldn't be zelda. I suppose if they didn't leave gaps noone would be interested.
    Welcome even though I'm a little late. You must really have questions on zelda considering you made about 3 threads already.
    They were Zelda games made for the Philips CD-i system. They were not actually manfactured by Nintendo... so they sucked. The budget for the games was extremely low and that shows. Background were even hand drawn.
    As for Zelda games... 100% of the Zelda games are awesome! Just not the CD-i ones... those shouldn't even be considered Zelda games.
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