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    MM-3DS Majora's Mask Explained!

    Hello everyone! We all agree that Majora's Mask is a unique game in many ways, being dark, bizarre and time-looping like non other. And as I see it, is the game that leaves most unanswered questions in the whole Zelda series. From What happened to Epona to What the hell is Termina?, Majora's...
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    General Modern TPHD or SSHD?

    It's too early for any of them to be HD rereleased. I'd love to see TP in HD, specialy if they arrange it's minor flaws, but I still think they should focus on new games and let them be a bit more classic before they upgrade them. That would rock.
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    General Zelda How It Should Have Ended!

    Hello everyone! In most (if not all) the Zelda games, we see little to nothing about the events after the game itself. We usually see the people rejoycing and celebrating peace, but we never get to see how they solve the problems created by the villain (for example, rebuilding Hyrule in OOT)...
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    What's Your Favorite Zelda Game?

    Twilight Princess, closely followed by Majora's Mask and Ocarina of Time. I prefer TP because it has a proper story to follow (the Groundhog system was fun the first time, but tiring at the end) and in many ways it's an improved version of OOT. Point goes to hardcore Zelda!
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    Spoiler Termina Is The Equivalent to Heaven?!!

    I find this theory quite wild, but very interesting! Let's see if I can discuss some of it's flaws, though: Not necessarily; we are told of many wars throughout the series, but non is depicted in a game. This doesn't mean they didn't happen. The last thing we know about OOT is that Zelda will...
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    General Zelda What "wacky" Beliefs Did You Use to Have in the Zelda Games?

    I used to think that you could really cross the Gerudo gorge in OOT with the cucco, and I would keep trying even though it took me ages to get back up there. The first time I saw OOT Ganondorf asking Link where the white horse with the Princess had gone, I honestly thought he'd give him some...
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    What If?

    It would be called -Crossbow Trial: Sh*t Gets Serious- and it would be a survival game: with the whole overworld for you to cross; plenty of bokoblin (camps, trenches, all you like), which would run in dozens at you if the sentinels spot you; limited ammunition you should have to spend carefully...
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    Twilight Princess Fixing Twilight Princess Via a Remake

    Make the cuccos dangerous again! I was so disappointed when I kept hitting one in Kakariko to make a great exit on Epona chased by a bunch of bloodthirsty birds, and all I got was becoming a cucco for five seconds flat. How is that an improvement? Give us more occasions to use the Spinner...
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    General Zelda Favorite Version of Hyrule Kingdom?

    I'm a great fan of Twilight Princess, and next to its story, the scenary is one of the most outstanding features in the game. The style, the beauty of it, the chance to see its "twilight version", the continuous discovery of new little areas as the game progress, all of that makes it a very...
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    Majora's Mask Majora As A Villain

    Majora's Mask appears to me like the One Ring: it is linked to an ancient and powerful entity, it has some of this evil entity's mind, it gives badass power to its bearer, it poisons his mind and turn all its previous bearers into addicts who want it back quite desperately. See: Sudden...
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    Cool theory! You have some valid points there. I'll be reading with interest whatever answer someone with more knowledge of this game have for you.
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    General Zelda Roller Coaster Hyrule

    You lot posted here some great ideas! I'm particulary fond of mazes, so the ones designed after Lost Woods and Snowpeak would be truly glorious -although Snowpeak should be a bit eerie, kind of scary place. At least it was in the game, like a King novel. Someone once mentioned that it resembled...
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    General Zelda Roller Coaster Hyrule

    Hello people. It's holidays! Finally, out and away from the daily routine, into wildness and adventure... However, as much as I like to go up and about, my mind is always half stalked by the legend of Zelda, and if you can't cure it, embrace it. So, I was in a theme park some days ago...
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    Twilight Princess Why Was Link Captured As a Wolf? Why Was Ordon Even Raided?

    The attack on Ordon village and the Wolf sneaking in the night looking for a sword and shield are one of my favourite parts of TP plot, so I did give it a thought while I played. That's what I think: Link transforms from hylian to wolf in the very hands of a Shadow Beast, having the triforce...
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    Twilight Princess Resistance - Agains What?

    Indeed, but Link knows perfectly who the enemy is (well, he doesn't know about Gannondorf until the end). The question is: do the so-called resistance know about Zant's invasion? do they know there is an invasion of some kind? Or do they just notice there are strange/evil things going on (more...
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