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    May Giveaway Contest: Most Anticipated Game of 2012

    Paper Mario 3D sounds awesome. I don't really keep up with upcoming titles though, if I'm honest.
  2. OtisGlicker

    Exactly Why Does Zelda Get the Triforce of Wisdom?

    I always assumed it was bloodline. Seeing as how she's a Princess and all. But whatever.
  3. OtisGlicker

    The Symbol of Legend of Zelda

    I'd definitely say the triforce. Nothing else could be so iconic.
  4. OtisGlicker

    Pokemon Puns!

    Some cop told me "I'm gonna Raichu up a ticket for making bad pokemon puns".
  5. OtisGlicker

    Disturbing Pokemon Descriptions

    I completely agree. The names are getting ridiculous. Not a fan.
  6. OtisGlicker

    Favorite Pokemon Couple

    I remember thinking Ash and Misty were supposed to be together when I was a kid and later stopped watching the anime for a long time. I turned on my TV, years later, to see this.... May. I though, "Who is this girl and where is my Misty?" It just felt.. weird.
  7. OtisGlicker

    This Pokemon

    Definitely like the first two seasons and that's it. I remember each episode had a message or a moral for kids to learn and hold onto. Things about love and caring for animals and caring for the environment and not being a jerk in general. Now all I can see is "YEAH! FIGHT ALL THE TRAINERS! I'M...
  8. OtisGlicker

    Shiny Pokemon

    Alas. I've never had a shiny pokemon. *le sigh*
  9. OtisGlicker

    Training Strategy

    If it's possible, I'll fight with my strongest pokemon and have a weaker one hold Exp Share. If not, I'll start the fight with the weaker one (usually in one where they'd get knocked out at the first hit. Something far beyond what they're capable of) and swap them out for a stronger pokemon so...
  10. OtisGlicker

    Old or New? - Poll

    The older ones hold more nostalgic value for me. I'm sure many of your votes were based on the same thing. The newer ones are most certainly fun, but I can't call them better. I don't think they have the same charm.
  11. OtisGlicker

    What Was Your Name?

    As a kid, when it came to any game where I could name my own character, I always went with myself. The other characters I could name would be people I knew. So in the case of Pokemon, my character was always my own name and Gary Oak was always whoever I happened to have a problem with in school :P
  12. OtisGlicker

    Super Paper Mario?

    The only one I've played is the one for N64 and even that, I haven't finished. But it's been one of my favorite Mario titles so far and I'm looking forward to playing more of the series.
  13. OtisGlicker

    Inverted Controls or Not?

    Inverted controls always make me dizzy. I can't get used to them. I get mad when I have no option to change it to normal controls.
  14. OtisGlicker

    Favorite Fighting Game

    I'm gonna have to agree with the OP. Marvel vs Capcom fascinated me as a kid, playing it in the arcades. All my favorite superheros and video game fighters getting together and beating each other up? I was in heaven! Never had I even thought that Wolverine might punch Spiderman in the face. When...
  15. OtisGlicker

    The History of Nintendo

    Think they'll ever start making love hotels again? :P
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