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  • It's got a bit of a plot line set out already since I can follow the plot of Cry of Fear. I just need to figure out how to tie things in.

    And a title. I'm trying to combine Twilight and Cry of Fear but nothing is coming up. I've tried "Cry of Twilight" but I don't like that. I've tried "Twilight's Fear" but it seems too generic. I thought about "Cry of Ponyville" but it's set in Manehattan (only big city I could think of since Canterlot is too small for what will happen). I'm drawing a blank.
    Just listened to Infected Mushroom, Becoming Insane. Sounds great!

    Anyway, I'm planning on making an MLP fanfic that takes the story of Cry Of Fear and places it in Manehattan. I just need to combine the title with Twilight Sparkle (or at least Twilight) somehow. Any suggestions?
    Didn't really have that in the manga. It mostly followed what happened. It may have been added based on the extra side stories though.

    Yeah, I've heard of Infected Mushroom but haven't really listened. Guess I got some searching to do. As far as trance goes I really like Basshunter, PPK, and September the most. Seems like Swedish people really know how to do trance.
    Whenever is fine. They aren't like a must read thing but I liked them as little additions. One is a what if (Pardox) and the other is a behind the scenes at other characters (Mosaic).

    He's got nice stuff. Like ambient trance sort of. I like trance a lot so I can get into it.
    Hmm, I can imagine. All thick and thin shall be traversed through and all we can do is wish for the best.
    Oh, okay. Yeah it did sound like he could be from a film or something. I'll look him up right away.

    So did you get a chance to read either of those two FD sequel manga that I linked?
    Birthday a few days ago. I got a Fluttershy shirt, Mario Kart 7, etc... As well, I've been watching marblehornets for the past... many hours. MarbleHornets's channel - YouTube I just found the great story. How could I have never heard of it for so long? So, overall, life has been good.
    I just found my new favorite Philosoraptor meme

    Aww....now where's the fun in that? Still, it's your choice.

    Considering mine is in December a party might not necessarily mean making cupcakes. But if it was October.....:O

    Yeah, I'll bet. It seriously is quite crazy at the end. Now that you've seen the main series read these (only available as manga).

    Future Diary Mosaic
    Future Diary Paradox

    Both are extremely short but nice additions to the series.
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