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  • Hi there onidarklink2, I figured I may as well start a conversation with you... so... hi.
    To Answer those ?s Myself

    All except for OoA and SwS, Japanese exclusive, CD-I games, and remakes.
    Mine are OoT (Gerudo Valley)(Spirit) MM(Stone Tower and Deku Palace)(Stone Tower) TP(Hidden Skill and Village, Hyrule Field,)(Arbiter’s Grounds) AlttP(Sanctuary and Hyrule Castle)(I just loved all the dungeons I can’t choose just 1)
    Stone Mask love killing Takkuri for money.
    World Peace(like no wars peace.)
    Yes for SwS and Yes but after the price of both goes down.
    I did say expect a VM from me soon.

    Which LoZ games do you own?
    Your Fav LoZ game/games, Fav BGM/BGMs, and Fav Dungeon in those games?
    Your Triforce wish?
    Plan on getting SwS? Same with OoT 3D/ already own OoT 3D?
    Quite a lot. To put that in perspective, we know the races present in the game, the number of dungeons the game has, the names of over half of the dungeons in the game, how many times you fight Ghirahim, and what quite possibly the final boss of the game could be.
    So I'll assume my avatar wasn't too spoilerish because that boss was seen in the second trailer for the game and we've had multitudes up to now!
    Yep. No, I don't do YTPs, about three or four years ago, I used to try to make Machinima vids. I got some great success until my YT account was banned. I came back months later, my acc is flourishing but I don't want to tell people the username as it would cause a lot of stuff with my friends lol.

    Anyway, more to the point, I use SV for walkthroughs. No longer do I do machinima (did that stuff three years ago though). I never understood how to make a YTP lol. I only watched them!
    I know of one way, if you have Microsoft PAINT (it is called Paint), I believe there is something called Scale Image, you just shrink it down to 100x100 and you're done! Alternatively, you could always ask some members to make you one, I highly recommend the following users, based on personal experience:

    mandym287 (I'm not sure Mandy takes requests though)
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