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  • Nope, haven't read either of them.
    You'll have to link me to the story if you type it.
    Have you played any of the luna games?
    Nope, that was Derpy.
    I saw the other pony. I thought "May the memes flow in with Derpy and here official sist... wait... the hair is a little off... THAT'S NOT DERPY!!!"
    My favorite zelda game is OoA. I found it to be very fun and does not get boring on subsequent playthroughs.
    I just watched the Sisterhooves Social episode. That was very good. I can't believe I didn't notice that Rarity was who was with Sweetie Belle.
    No idea there. I can't say you should read them all. You won't be able to keep up. One good fanfiction is Through the Eyes of Another Pony. It is really good. Plus this is preliminary, but they should intrest you. So... got anything else to talk about?
    That's where the lots of free time comes in. Plus most of the stuff is just fanfictions.
    Get lots of free time and read every news post on ED. I'm going to have one hayday when I read all the stuff from thursday on later tonight. (I'm not reading it now to avoid spoilers on the latest episode.)
    News and stuff.
    I guess I'm good. To be honest I've never shot anything. I've been hunting deer for 4 years now and I've never had any luck to see any. I've never hunted anything else. I shoot a 30-06 and I think my aim is fair. I've also shot clay pidgeons with a shotgun and I think I'm quite good with that. What about you?
    I don't feel like it. I was gone for a while so I guess I'm catching up with what happened over the last few days. Sadly I didn't see any deer while I was hunting.
    Nothing different being a furry. It's just like being a brony... only... furrier.
    I didn't watch the latest episode. I was going to wait until mom left for work so I could listin to it at a higher volume. (Nopony knows I'm a brony.)
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