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  • Oh, U actually didn't see that. Niiiiice.

    Heh. I'm past he Cascade by now, and Strider is trying to figure out what to do about their session's Noir.

    I almost called you English when I learned you read Homestuck. But then I'd start calling you Jake before long. Gog, Lord English is scary...

    I'm on Want Mid a back and a few other, smaller forums, but mainly DGN. You?

    *tries to crawl to quest bed but dies*

    Ah, sorry, kind of freaked out there. Welcome to ZD!

    At least, I'm guessing you read Homestuck since you threw Karkat at me... Anyways. I don't believe I ever introduced myself. I'm the Hylian Monolith. *offers hand for shaking* I go by Mono, mostly. Do you have any nicknames for this username?
    Well the closest things to that would be General Discussion or Forum Games.
    No the chat box does not.
    To find the GD (General Discussion) Go to the main forum page and its sorta in the middle of the page.
    There really isn't a set place to hangout, at least not until you reach 100 posts, once you do you will gain acess to the Chat Box. That's sorta the hangout place. So just post like mad and you'll get there soon. ^^
    I do draw Linky sir.
    Sadly I never played the Darkstalkers series, I had to chance to play as Hsien Ko in MvC3. :3
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