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  • Your very welcome. we'll love to hear your theories. I've been a huge for Zelda fan for about...since I first started playing ALttP. Very long time.

    Spongebob is the bomb! And thank you for the Friend Request.
    thank you for the introduction! I've been a huge fan of Zelda for nearly 12 years now but this is the first forum site I've ever used. I made an account hoping to post my theories about Stone Tower Temple only to find you guys are way ahead of me, lol. But I've fallen in love and hope to become a loved member of the ZD community.

    P.S. Spongebob is boss! lol
    I see that you're new here and I want to say, Welcome! I'll see you around the forums! Read the rules and have fun! Ask if need help or have questions;)
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