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  • Man that stinks about your laptop. :( That's exactly why I'm very protective of mine. I don't want it to break like that.

    The rebuilding process is going okay. Some more posting has been going on since the "incident" but other than that, not very much activity is going on. The SB has been temporarily disabled to normal members due to more members using it than going to post in the forums. Another reason is that the SB software is outdated and probably won't work when Mases updates this place soon.

    Here's more information about what I'm talking about:


    Alright I'll try to say hi. :)
    Yes, a couple of evenings ago, someone hacked Petman's account. No news has reached me on whom, if it was a personal enemy of his or what, but I heard they got his other accounts, Facebook and whatnot, too. Pet has been cleared, his name secured and he's been unbanned and reinstated to mod status.

    Most of the forum, however, was deleted. I watched it happen, hanging out in the SB watching forums go bye-bye. I was one of the people who alerted Caleb via PM once I saw him come online. DarkLink01 was able to save some of the old threads by moving them to forums the hacker didn't apparently have access to temporarily, but mostly, everything went bye-bye.

    There is a thread about it in the News an Announcements section. Mases was unable to restore most of the forums due to a fatal glitch in his backup files.

    As for the Shoutbox, I am unsure what is going on with it at the moment. There is speculation among those of us still able to access it, but I still don't know the whole story, myself.
    It's fine, I totally understand. My mom used to do that all the time when I was still a minor. And then I moved out lol.
    Ah, it's okay. :) I kinda figured that that was the reason why you didn't talk for a while. Don't worry about it. :)
    Hey Oathkeeper95! I got your message. So what's the idea that you've got that you're itching to share? :)
    You seem to be an good person that's all dude and almost everybody want's to make friend's with people if they know them or not.
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