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    Link's Awakening Hippo in Animal Village

    Thank you :) Yes, such things are overlooked I feel, and these details are precisely the kind of thing that sometimes people overlook and DON'T lose sleep over. It makes the game much more involved to care about every detail. But that's cool to know the new info about the Japanese version! I'll...
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    Link's Awakening Hippo in Animal Village

    Censored breasts?
  3. NoRush

    Link's Awakening Hippo in Animal Village

    Who the heck is the hippo in Animal Village who is always sad? Why is she always sad!? I'm near the end of the game, just about to enter the Egg of the Wind Fish, and nothing important seems to be coming from this hippo. I'm just wondering who she is and why she is there.
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    Link's Awakening Thief + Perfect Ending?

    Sweet thanks alot! Really good info. The Frog's Song of Soul is only 300 :p I don't find it too difficult though to collect that many rupees - this is the third tims my wallet has 999 hah. But yeah that's to all the chests.
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    Link's Awakening Thief + Perfect Ending?

    Hi everyone. I'm wondering: how does one steal something and become Thief but still get the perfect ending? The only thought I have is that one never return to the Shop again. But that's a bit unadvisable is it not? Unless you get the Bow, and never have a true need to go back to the Shop again...
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    What is the Most Recent Dungeon That You Completed?

    Angler's Tunnel - :) 's Awakening DX
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    General Zelda Which Zelda Character is the Cutest

    Aryll. She reminds me of my sister. In so many ways. That relationship in WW is just like my real life relationship and I love it. Adorable. Otherwise I would say the Witch in ALTTP - yes, her. She's all by herself in the woods making delicious stews! She might not be cute herself physically but...
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    Link's Awakening Which is Canonical?

    Whhaaaaatttttt. I never knew that. Great. Well, atleast it's another new challenge.
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    General Zelda Backstories to Enemies

    I think backstories to Zelda badies would be pretty sweet. They don't have to be long, drawn out stories in all cases, but some like that would be really neat. It would add even more depth and help with timeline theorgy and general knowledge. For instance in LA, we know the dream world is...
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    General Zelda About Overworld Tasks That Lead Up to Dungeons. Do You Like Them?

    Same here. The quests are about using your new tools and abilities to discover more about the land. This brings intimacy to the land, characters, the whole game. It also ensures that we can't just barge through the game meaninglessly. I love 'em.
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    General Zelda The Perfect Five

    A Link to the Past Link's Awakening Ocarina of Time Majora's Mask Wind Waker I haven't played all of the games so it's not totally fair. However, I have played the above games multiple times (plus some other games) and I can safely say ALTTP and LA fit right in to the Top 5 for me too easily.
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    General Zelda Holes and Discontinuities in the Zeldaverse

    Koholint Island. Just under the entrance to the Mysterious Woods (which are only a little bit mysterious) you can jump from the ledge and fall down the hole to get a piece of heart. When you go to the stairs you reappear below the bush...which is just dirt. That's weird. Also, the warp holes in...
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    General Zelda Being Able to Play After Completion

    What's the point of beating a game if when you beat it, and turn it on again, you need to do what you've already done? Doesn't make sense. Doesn't really play into any time-travel notion in the game either. I think they did it just because that's how many games ended back then? I'm not even sure...
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    General Zelda How Quick Do You Understand the Puzzles?

    I think some of the puzzles are super hard at first, but after I play the Zelda games for a while I start to understand what's going on in general and what to look for. I'd want to say that don't understand the puzzles right away, but that I do understand how to think about the puzzles. I really...
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    Your Favorite Weapon???

    NICE. Now that you say that I'd choose the Hammer to be like Thor.
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