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    Never Played (insert name)

    : O You're not a fan of WW? I mean so much that you wouldn't play it again? That's surprising. For me, it's one of my fave's! I love exploring the islands, and the music is phenom
  2. NoRush

    The greatest truth you have learned playing Zelda?

    Mine would be that I want to be Link - I am became him. I no longer play Zelda games nearly as much as I like because I live my life as a great adventure, and I feel that I'm wasting time playing someone else's life in a Zelda game when I should just be living my own. Viewing others as NPC's...
  3. NoRush

    Emotional interactions in the Zelda series

    How can this not be the most emotional interaction? I believe it is so powerful simply because we have no control over it.
  4. NoRush

    Hey thanks! I just went to YouTube lookin for that : J

    Hey thanks! I just went to YouTube lookin for that : J
  5. NoRush

    Spoiler Which Old Zelda Songs Do You Want To See Lyrics Added To?

    Honestly I thought that Ballad of the Wind Fish was super dope. I never heard that before with lyrics. Thanks for sharing it. I'd love to hear more with lyrics now honestly - and I tend to remain a "purist" when it comes to the og's. (I also commented just a min. ago that I hope they never...
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    Hyrulean Holidays

    There has to be one for agriculture, there just has to be. Plus, there's prbably one for poultry in general - I mean that has to be a legendary creature to the people by now. But I'd think there would be some sort of agriculture parade from Lon Lon Ranch where people gather outside the castle...
  7. NoRush

    What’s next?

    I hope they never redo the first 2 Zelda games. Let it become a myth, a legend, a hallmark of the series...that they just kept the gold gems as they are.
  8. NoRush

    Skills developed irl due to Zelda games

    So I know this may not have been intended to be a deep question, but for me, it is huge. I love viewing people as NPC's when I'm out traveling the world, or even at home. It helps me realize I can't control them, which in turn lowers my stress. In addition (and probably primary) it helps me to...
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    Never Played (insert name)

    I LOVE LINK'S CROWSSBOW TRAINING. I've been paying it even these last few days.
  10. NoRush

    Never Played (insert name)

    Oh, interesting. Actually you're the first person I've heard who said they don't like it haha. Personally I love Link's Awakening! : o Never replay AoL? I mean I understand how hard it is, but it's the original - the birth of everything! Almost your entire list are all the games I love haha...
  11. NoRush

    Never Played (insert name)

    What Zelda games have you never played? Also, what games have you played and feel that you will just never play again? For me, I've never played Breath of the Wild, A Link Between Worlds, or Skyward Sword. And I cannot for the life of me get into Twilight Princess.
  12. NoRush

    What are your Zelda quirks?

    I like to chop all the grass...everywhere...in every game. I also like to talk to every single character in the game, even if I know what theyr'e going to say. I feel like they'd be lonely if I didn't talk to them, know what I mean!? Finally, I always equip one of the most useless or least...
  13. NoRush

    What makes a great dungeon?

    The emotional depth and content of a dungeon. In other words, it's significance to the land and to the greater experience of the adventure in general. If a dungeon is just there as a dungeon, it can be great fun and make you think and use all kinds of cool tools and items, but I'd much prefer...
  14. NoRush

    Your tagline is absolutely hilarious. "for scientific purposes"

    Your tagline is absolutely hilarious. "for scientific purposes"
  15. NoRush

    Favorite game, aesthetically

    I love your question. Aesthetics are the *biggest* reason why I would be so attracted to a particular Zelda game. I have always felt as a child that I was truly exploring new worlds, and the emotional attachments to characters there was real. I really wanted to help them, to feel how they...
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