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  • Well high school is better (depending on where you go and people you know though even that depends on where you go) so you shouldn't have to worry:) I go to Middleton Magnet High School so it's interesting. I'm a magnet student (basically means I signed up for a program that adds a specific elective focus to my normal classes, in my case engineering) and generally the magnet students don't associate with the local kids, mostly cause it's an inner-city school so most of the local kids are in regular classes while magnet students take AP and honors level classes. Some area students do have the right grades to do higher level classes so it's not predetermined.

    As for fights, I've been called a wuss, wimp, chicken, and even gay and f-a-g-g-o-t (gotta space cause ZD sensors) for not wanting to fight. I think it's stupid cause they're basically saying "let me suspend myself by punching you in the nose so that my grades will suck". I take the insults cause they're always from people I don't give a sh*t about and I don't care enough to give them the satisfaction:lol:
    That's just about every middle school. Same at mine. Every single kid thought he was hard. I'm not one for fights but if it came down to it I would've dropped one of them. They think fighting is just punching and pushing but I've got some practice with judo so....yeah throwing their own weight back at them is WAY easier!

    So....is burns like a magnet school or something?
    I know, but the mods are going to tell you to put it in a spoiler. Also, a whole chapter!
    I would feel honored if you would join this group after your Count to 100 Forum Game contribution: The 100 Achievers! - Dungeon Gaming Network
    Well I was just curious I live in central Florida. I prefer not to tell someone what city I live in unless they say the same region.
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