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  • Anywhere there is boredom. :< They vary in shape size and appearence, depending on the person and their mood.
    You need a plasma gun to kill them. You can borrow one of mine. *Takes key, opens compartment in wall to reveal room full of weapons*
    Silly Ninten! I'm already immortal. I do so by feasting on the souls of bordemons. (Demons that spawn from boredness. If you're ever bored, you've just given birth to a bordemon!)
    Alright, think about it for a while and tell me if you think you'll be able to play again in the next week or so, if not, then I'll afraid I'll have to mod kill you. Sorry if it's the latter.
    Hey coolies. Yu-gi-oh has some really nice art work <3

    And may I ask about you avi too, it also looks very nice :)
    Thank you Ninten, very sweet of you. It was a very nice day :) By the way what is that picture in you profile, that light bird thing? It's neat.
    Pfft, 'bout to say, don't be hatin'. :P
    Hm... I don't know what to say 'bout that, just post in thread's you know where and what the subject is talking about.
    Thanks for the birthday wishes Ninten*. Looks like you had one not long ago as well. Unfortunately, I'm not able to be on as often as I'd like anymore, so here's to hoping you had a happy birthday as well.
    Since I'm too lazy to reply on people's profiles, thanks for all of the bday comments.
    Happy birthday, Ninten*!

    Your present is a friend request. From me. What a great gift! :P
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