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  • Well, at first that was the idea yeah, with the whole “Online Gratitude Crystals” concept but.....now I'm starting to reconsider :hmm: If I do though, I’ll likely just stick to online myself and let others do whatever :yes:
    I have come to ask, have you been keeping count of your Online Gratitude Crystals, and if you have how many do you have so far :? I need to determine how many to give you as Bonus Interest....for more information, refer to the newest discussion I made in my group :yes:
    I'm doing well :3 Just setting up some things for Pokemon Dungeon!
    No, the forums broke because I had to update them. Then they broke. I put Xinn and Austin down as the reason for a joke.
    Its great. I love Skyward Sword. Also, this blue is different than the old blue. This blue means I'm a webmaster.
    Lol. I've been exploring too. I did miss plenty of stuff though, and I intentionally avoided the boss challenge so Hero Mode was challenging. Didn't spend much time on the minigames either.
    Cody is Zelda Universe's webmaster and apparently, now one of Zelda Dungeon's. He also sometimes makes video responses to Axle.
    I only played it on weekends, really, but I played it almost excessively, many hours straight. I still clocked over 50 hours on it for my first playthrough.
    JK. Mases, David, Josh, and Cody are at the top with currently all but Mases with usernames in a sexy blue color.
    Freakin' amazing. I beat it the weekend before last and am now on Hero Mode, taking it slower. Really fun game. Definitely my new favorite of the series.
    Wtf, no. Mases is still in charge of the site and he still has ultimate power and jurisdiction (hence his "Webmaster" rank), he just doesn't do a lot on the forums right now so he's not properly listed as an Administrator. Super Mod was abolished because there was no real reason for it to exist; Super Mods consisted entirely of mods who needed partial admin controls for specific duties but otherwise didn't befit the rank (myself) and mods who were already basically full admins but not stated to be such (Austin and Xinn). Really all that's been done is everything's changed to visually reflect what it already was.
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