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Nine-tailed Fox
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  • Sorry, I've never made a group myself so I don't know anything about managing them. There are tons of other members who would be able to help you though, so ask around. If all else fails you could always ask a mod and I'm sure they'll help. They're all really nice you know.
    Thanks! And welcome to ZD. Hope you enjoy yourself, make friends, and don't be afraid to ask questions!

    The Game Over screen? :lol: That was from someone's OoT speedrun that's online somewhere; the link to the speedrun is is the picture comments. It was a glitch the player exploited and I found it infinitely humorous.
    Hello everyone. If you have ever developed an interest or want to read interesting theories about Skull Kid, join my group. Skull Kid Fans (real original name. Huh?) We're not gonna get those theories without members now are we? Thanks a bunch!
    hey Nine-tailed Fox. welcome to ZD... I see that you don't know much about the Forum, would you like some help?
    Oh and Im a big fan of Naruto too, and Bleach (, if you don't know Bleach I really recommend it) so If you look for someone to talk with, well I can.
    Hi! I have a request for any one who's good at making Signatures. I'd like it to have the Nine-tailed Naruto in it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
    Sorry my page is so boring. I do most of my Internet surfing from the internet channel on my wii. So i can't really do much to my page.
    Hey. Um, I really don't know much about how a profile works in a forum section, so any help would be nice. Oh, by the way, if you think Zant is nuts watch one of the ' They're coming to take Zant away ' videos on youtube.
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