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Nine-tailed Fox
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  • I like the Supah Nine-Tails one! I don't know what else you could do, though. This is something that has to be unique to you anyway
    Yeah, I've seen that before, got all the way through ^^ That was an awesome series! I wish I could watch it again, but I have no idea where the site is anymore >_>
    No kidding huh :bleh: Hopefully one day....on the 3DS or WiiU.....I don't care which, I just really want another game in the series like Super Mario Sunshine ^^
    I don't really know what to say. I'm not the greatest at giving advice on love and romance, other than do whatever you can to get her again.
    Who wouldn't....I mean, Luigi's Mansion 2 will have multiple mansions so.....why not have Super Mario Sunshine2 take place on two or three islands? I want either a remake for 3DS or an actual second Super Mario Sunshine game ^^
    Yeah, if they were to make a Super Mario Sunshine 2 or something like that, I would like to see it take place on one of the other Islands from the opening......

    Ooh, that's awful rough. I never got the point of teen love, especially with prepies like this girl. A lot of them are whores, so they switch on and off of relationships not because of love, but because they want to be at the top of the food chain. If you know someone "outranks" you and their hitting on you, don't accept. At least until you leave school.
    I know, right?! Honestly, I don't see what most people have against it >.> I've played and beaten it many times with relative ease, it's just so awesmazing ^^
    That's interesting :hmm: Now try cleaning your sewage pipe only to have a freaking man eating plant come out and bite your arm clean off o_O Nah, just kidding :bleh: I love Super Mario Sunshine so much, I even made my own chapter story for fun based off of it, it’s around 65 pages long typed ^^
    Sirena Beach, yeah we vacationed there too, checked in for about two day :) Krashuzu loved the Casino, Krashame enjoyed how it was a hotel on a beach, and everyone else liked whatever. Oh, and yeah, one night a ghost was watching me sleep o.o It was creepy o_O
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