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  • Hi there! Sorry i've been off for a quite some time now and i'm only now commenting to your half a year old (12-23-2009) comment on my shoutbox. Well, I've been playing Zelda games for a long time, but i'm still so, so FAR from pro-gamer. I just enjoy playing Zelda games again and again and again and that's how you learn all the tricks and that's how I finally beat them. No magic tricks needed really. ^^ Thanks for comment by the way. Have great week.
    Xbox at least pays the most attention to the games. PS3 just advertises itself as a cell phone; it has video games, but it also has music etcetera etcetera.
    I think the PS3 is not much of a video game console. It's drowned out by the DVD player, music player, and pretty much every other feature on it. I don't like it.
    You can't change you username. Only administrators have that power, and it has to be for a certain kind of circumstance. Where you wanting to change yours? If so, why?
    Thank you! ^^

    Yeah, it would be nice if they did. I wish they'd release all new games sooner. :P
    No kidding. It's what? 20 plus years old? Few series can last that long and retain quality. Even fewer evolve into the most epic sci fi adventure series of all time. In my honest opinion, the titles have only gotten better and more epic with time.

    Halo can't compare. The first one was okay, but it's nowhere close to Metroid's legacy and quality.
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