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  • Just wanted to drop in with a little tip... I've noticed most of the pictures you've taken of your figurines are unfocused, or rather, the camera isn't focused on the figurine itself. Nice sharp photos might help to eventually sell more, since they'll look more professional. I'm no photography expert, but I have dabbled in basic macro photography and I do know a few tips that might help from my experience :3
    Firstly, most cameras have a "macro" setting for taking close-up shots, so if your camera has one, be sure to flick it on first. Zooming in on the thing won't actually help that much, in fact I often find using the zoom feature makes my photos look more blurry, so try to avoid the temptation to mess with the zoom.
    Secondly, try not to get too close to the object... if you notice in most of your pictures, the table and objects behind the figurines are in focus, but the figurines aren't. This is a sign you're probably too close to them with the camera, so don't be afraid to move back a little bit. Most cameras have sort of an "optimum" distance at which they take their best close-up photographs... take my camera, for instance, it focuses best at about 20-25 cm away from the object I'm trying to photograph, any closer and it starts to blur because it's started focusing on the background instead. But on your photographs, the fact the background is in focus indicates your hands weren't getting shaky while you were taking the photograph (something that's less easily fixable than just being too close to the object), so well done. If you do find yourself getting shaky, find a surface you can firmly prop both your elbows on to make a sort of makeshift tripod- you'll find you're way most stable this way when taking the photo. Just be careful you don't get between the object and the light source either...you don't want to be casting a shadow on it.

    Another good habit to get into is putting something in the photograph next to the figurine potential buyers can use to give them an idea of the size of it... coins work best for this, but any object that's familiar to a wide range of people will do. After all, it's all well and good being told measurements, but sometimes it's reassuring and pretty useful if they have a point of reference in the photograph itself :3
    Also, if you can find a nice, uncluttered space to photograph the figurines, that'll help make things look more professional as well! Remember, people want to see the figurines they might want to buy, not all the junk on your desk or shelves XD (I always forget to do this, but it's a really good habit to get into though).

    Anyways, hope this helps a little, and good luck with your little figurine buisness~
    Oh yea, sorry about that. That was for anarchistbigred on his article. We were messaging each other on it.

    The octorok looks pretty good. I would suggest making three or so of them and post the pics to see what people like and don't like. After people look at a couple they can suggest to you what they like about it and what they would want you to do since they are the ones that would be buying. Try to drum up some interest in what you have already made first then begin talking about selling them.
    Hey Red, it looks great. Definitely article sized now and covers a lot more on the skull kid.
    This quote might work on the mask trading sequence,
    "Skull Kid - Is this what happens to kids who get lost in this forest? He seems unhappy to have no face..." — Nav
    And Tael give some info on the Skull kid. There is even a sequence that Tael retells the story on his loneliness.
    "He was lonely... ...the Skull Kid. ... The power of the mask made him do it. It was too much for the Skull Kid to handle." — Tael
    I think almost everyone hates the bagpipes by themselves but even if they only had tap dancers they would be better.
    Thanks if I didn't say and actually just recently I was listen they reorchestrated the Deku Palace theme and put Bagpipes in it that was amazing. Bagpipes I love bagpipes.
    Thank you X infinity I was just looking for something that sounds like the BGM. (If you know of a site that has the official BGM's that would be much preferred.)
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