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  • sorry I had to go for a little bit what did you say while I was gone?
    You cant move the 3DS to make the planes do...well anything.
    And yes there are collectibles, aside from the "i" spots there are other things (which I shall not reveal unless Im asked for) and all missions have 3 star rank, which is kind of a collectible
    Well....its not the best game in history, and yes, flying is a bit differently since you dont have to move the DS aroun :lol:
    But meh, it will hold for a whil, it is kinda hard though, and the 3D looks like sheer aweshumness
    Serioulsy....Gabe = No OoT Lol.....
    :kawaii: it was totally rented, they had 8 copies and all were rented
    Now im stuck with pilotwinds till Friday
    Hey Nick. I revamped the banner. Be warned; it's a userbar stretched out and edited with paint. But, you said it didn't have to be good... :xd:

    Here's the link: http://img96.imageshack.us/img96/4994/charleesheeen.png

    And here's the banner:

    Aww, thanks guys! Its been a great one! I got my Ocarina of time replica, for 130$. Itll be here within a week. i cant wait!
    no, I have a wii. also have a mic, too.
    And, people don't really invite me over :/ I'm lucky if someone says hi.
    eh, sadly I can't afford either console :'(
    thanks.. ^^ well, I actually did the same thing on my Black Ops gamertag! Ahahahh ;)
    Hi nicktheslayer! I'm zelda_girl. nice to meet you!
    Eh... Well, I resized it, but I can't quite crop it. It's got a whole lot of white space, perhaps you could cut it.


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