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    What order do you recommend completing Divine Beasts?

    I followed the "story" after leaving the Great Plateau headed to Kariko and from there the Zoras were closest so I went there. Then worked my way around counter clockwise. Goron, Rito, Gerudo. Tried to stay spoiler free in my approach. Having said that I wish I would've known about the Rito...
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    Is Zelda in Breath of the Wild the Fulfillment of Hylia's Plan?

    If this is on the downfall timeline and the Royal family has the entire thing following Zelda II. It makes sense that when you see the complete Triforce at the end she used the whole thing. However, 10,000 years + is a long time though and it could've been lost. Why didn't they use it the...
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    What if BotW2 is just a 'rehash'?

    Honestly I say start with the entirely opened up map, updated 5 years. I'm looking for it to feel familiar to start the game. Then unlock a MacGuffin to move forward with the game. Get some Luminous/Time shift stones to power it. Take said item to the Temple of Time use the Temple to travel...
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    How would you improve the stables in BotW2?

    They were a little weird setup wise. Maybe have an actual stable and separate sections for sleeping, and purchasing goods rather than lumping them all in one room.
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    Why Eldin Volcano was renamed Death Mountain

    Can see it now. BotW2 Link takes Yunobo back in time to look for a relic then they stumble upon the absolute savagery of the early Gorons in their war with the Mogma.
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    More Memories In BOTW??

    The memories thing specifically wouldn't make as much sense in this one because at the end of the game you get Link back to 100%. Wouldn't mind them ramping up the history and flashbacks though. Maybe you need to find Impa, Purah, or someone to give you a history lesson on a temple/dungeon...
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    Should Breath of the Wild 2 drop the stamina system altogether?

    You have to have a way of improving the character's abilities over time, and rewarding players for putting in the extra effort. Hearts and Stamina are a good way of doing that. This game it wasn't even that annoying and you could over-charge with the food in some instances. Just acquiring...
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    What do you NOT want to see in BotW2?

    Don't want to see a whole sale change to Hyrule from what we had in the previous game initially. Keep the map. Initially just show time has passed and how Hyrule is recovering now that Gannon is gone. Offer a few ruins to explore that take you places off the larger map. They can perhaps be...
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    Breath of the Wild 2 - 'To be continued'

    Depends on how long they take to release it. It's looking like BotW 2 is going to be release 4 years from the original. If it's another 4 years I might have to buy the new system to get it :( .
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    Should we be able to beat BotW2 in thirty-five minutes or less?

    I dispute the statements about the world evolving. The final boss was different depending on how the world evolved. You got all 4 blights plus the final boss if you went straight there. As you explored and conquered divine beasts the final conflict changed. Also entering the castle and...
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    What do you NOT want to see in BotW2?

    Weapon breaking can stay if they up the durability on some items a little. It forced me to try and find new things. I don't want the same shrine style over and over and over. Nor do I want the same boss over and over and over. Vary it a little and offer some history. I don't know who said...
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    Are you expecting to see the Master Cycle Zero in BotW2?

    Ok that's a fair point. However, I thought it originally belonged to the hero from 10,000 years ago, which is why Link could open the shrines and use the runes but she couldn't. No doubt she found other apps like the map & camera, but I thought Link was the hero who had access to the true...
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    Are you expecting to see the Master Cycle Zero in BotW2?

    He had Bolson turn the stables off to the side into a garage :D
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    Are you expecting to see the Master Cycle Zero in BotW2?

    The bike was dlc so I doubt it'll be included though it would be cool even if it's just parked at Link's house being "fixed" With this being a direct sequel, I'd have to think the Sheikah slate would be included. So does that mean the ruins still work? I'd say yes. Then your upgrades could...
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    What Are You Doing In BOTW?

    Koroks. I know there being 900 can take a lot of flack. But honestly it's nice being able to pick up a controller and pick away at them.
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