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    Isle of Rebirth LP by Mases

    I am a member over at PureZC and I've even watching the LP series on your YouTube channel. Though it seems to have been discontinued since the E3. There is a lot of requests for this LP to continue in the last video which is Part 20 in the series. Is it safe to assume that this LP series is...
  2. NewJourneysFire

    Spoiler Where Did Navi Go and Why?

    Granted, you are right. I don't remember the actual script, but than lets assume this friend wasn't navi, why was this plot element introduced and abandoned? But since this thread is about navi, and that there is a high probability that the friend link was looking for is navi, lets try and...
  3. NewJourneysFire

    Spoiler Where Did Navi Go and Why?

    Where did Navi go, and why? Where did Midna go, and why? Where did Fi go, and why? That same question can be asked about every supporting role character, except though we do know where most of them went, but the why can be answered the same way, the game was over. The real question is...
  4. NewJourneysFire

    Theories of the Many Items in the Zelda Series

    The answer is in what you see, the boots somehow creates a yellow platform, what that yellow platform is exactly is a mystery. Perhaps Nintendo didn't think it was anything, or perhaps it's just a yellow platform and that's all there is to it. The only difference this platform has from...
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    The Oxford Comma -- Do You Use It?

    Another example of how the sentence can dramatically change: - Toast, juice, macaroni and cheese. - Toast, juice, macaroni, and cheese. Clearly the serial comma would not work here. But I wonder, in a society that does not use serial commas, and thus write all their sentences without them, Mac...
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    Spoiler Majora's Mask: Termina and Hyrule Differences and Similarities and More.

    What about kefie? Or whatever the frig his name is? I don't think he was in OOT. Neither were the girl and her redead gibdo dad.
  7. NewJourneysFire

    Are the Sages in TP Related to the Sages in OoT?

    Don't tell my father
  8. NewJourneysFire

    Fierce Deity Theory

    All this talk about Majora's Mask just made me develop a new question that could lead to its own string of theories. Why does Majora's Mask remarkably look like an owl's face?
  9. NewJourneysFire

    Fierce Deity Theory

    HylianHero lead a pretty convincing argument. JaCG, might have to still say that it's not hard for this entire reality to be foreign, being built using Link's consciously. In real life today we have parasites who can brainwash grasshoppers to go dive in a lake and drown. Though its highly...
  10. NewJourneysFire

    Talk of the Ancients

    This is a fun topic designed to deviate from the norm of Zelda theory, the idea is to think of stupid things you found in Temples that could be explained by no other reason be except the theory "because it's Nintendo", and than try to construct a possible conversation that could have occurred...
  11. NewJourneysFire

    Theories of the Many Items in the Zelda Series

    The beetle is the end result in Nintendo's attempt to make a boomerang that was as efficient as the one in Phantom Hourglass. Also, considering that the Boomerang is completely missing from that game, it would support my theory strongly that the Beetle is Skyward Sword's version of the...
  12. NewJourneysFire

    Skyloft = Sacred Realm Theory

    I believe Skyloft is clearly the floating island that appears in the concept art of The Sacred Realm released back in the day. Just like the Loftwing is on the Hylian Shield. But as most would claim, the Sacred Realm is everywhere. But considering the Temple of Light is located in the...
  13. NewJourneysFire

    Fierce Deity Theory

    Just like a parasite would be foreign to its host, so can memories which never existed. What I'm stating (again I am aware of Nintendo just rehashing the same characters) that Link does not need to remember Majora for him to exist within the dreamworld. I am suggesting that Majora is an...
  14. NewJourneysFire

    Majora's Mask Skull Kid, an Innocent Victim of a Terrible Fate?

    Skull kid got needy and the Giants rejected him, than skull kid started behaving like a spoiled child. Evidence enough that Skull Kid ain't no victim
  15. NewJourneysFire

    Spirit Tracks Zelda Trains. Zelda Trains? Zelda Trains!

    I would actually like to see more railroads in Zelda games. I was planning on putting railroads in my game until it became unfeasible. But I would like to see railroads as an alternate, quicker form of transport. If I were to design a Zelda game, I would favour railways as a means of fast travel.
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