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  • Lift your chin up, Nepo, I hate seeing you sad. And I hate it if I made you angry, I didn't mean to. *Lifts Nepo's chin up with hand* You alright, jes? Please don't asskick me.
    No, Nepo, it's best if you lack knowledge about my age. I'll be waiting for the picture. Also, when I do get it, I will send you mine.
    Why do you wanna know my age, princess? Like I said, you do not want to know it. Also, how about that pic for later, eh? If you do it, I will also send you one where I hold up a sign that says something like: Hi, Nepo, how are you doing?

    Do we have a deal, N?
    Trust me, you do not want to know. How old are you? And how about you send me another picture of you? One where you hold up a sign that says: Hi, Ao. ^^ How about it?
    It's a good thing we understand each other, miss Nepolink. Otherwise, everything would be a mess. ^^
    I can be very random at times, so you just have to have patience with me. One time I might appear cool, other times I will appear as a moron, etc.
    Behind you? Nothing, dear, nothing. It's just that he still doesn't believe that I am a guy. Well, I told him he could ask you so you could relate to him what you know, you know? Anyway, yeah, I am a guy and I doesn't afraid of anything. :P
    So what do you want to do now? You still want to keep dialoguing with me through these sort of means? You wanna go to the chatbox? PM? You name it, or perhaps you want to be in alone and in peace. XD
    I don't know, sweety, could be a month or more? Who knows? With the way the economy is, I really don't have an idea. What do you think?
    What is FSA? Also, Nepolink, you should try out the other Fire Emblem games for the GBA, they are awesome. If you have a DS, you can play those games there if it has GBA playability in it. Try Fire Emblem 7-8, you'll love them.
    Got that right. I saw your game wishlist and I noticed a few games I have played myself and that I own. You mentioned you wanted to buy Path of Radiance? I've played and finished that game, it's really cool. Get it and play it. ^^
    You telling me it's five o'clock over there at the moment? If so, yes, it is a time difference. Also, what are you doing this fine day, Nepo?
    It is ten o'oclock in the morning here, well, 10:10.

    Also, thanks, it's link and some fairy. Ok, lets hear the reason.
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