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  • Fine, I'll buy pearl. Hopefully I'll be able to understand the game play. Get ready to be pwned. :P
    Lets start over. So which game should I get? Pokemon game I mean, in order to play it with you and others? Pearl?
    You are my best friend, you shall remain my best friend. I will always have room for you in my heart, and yes, I will think of you daily. Understand though that I am battling a battle you do not understand. As a christian, I have many things to do in order to survive the battle. I want eternal life, and so I aim to get just that.

    Please, don't be sad. I'm just a guy you don't know.
    No, i will not stay happy if you leave.

    --Oh yes you will. Time heals everything. I'll be forgotten in about five minutes after I leave.

    Don't do it! You don't need to know all the Zelda games, and by that you can play them anytime.

    --Naw, impossible, I don't think I will play other Zelda games.

    I was not upset with the fight, i was only doing like Nepolink does in my story about her. :xd: But please don't go, i will read your fic and all.

    --Oh yeah, about that fan fic, I will owe it to you, I did not write it. I wrote a chapter, but it's lame. I'll post it for you in the General section, just so you can see how sucky it is.

    No need to go. If you ever want to go i will miss you for sure. T_T
    It's all my fault with my stupid fun fight...

    --Lets be reasonable, you wont miss me. You are saying this because you don't wish me to leave this place. In the end, this will not matter, I will be forgotten from your memory, erased, never to have existed, and you will go on, perhaps you will make lots more friends and you shall never remember me. :lol:
    --And it was not your fault, so stop thinking like that.
    -.- Naw, I don't blame you. It's just that I am a christian and I can't be fighting with people. Of course, our fight was just a joking fight, but I thought you took it serious and I thought I upset you.

    And so, I really don't belong here. Besides, I've only played Ww and that makes me a lame player for Zelda, I don't know much about the other games. Anyway, if you don't see me around, it's because I took my leave and decided to live my life, my true life.

    You are a very pretty girl, and make for a good friend. I hope that never changes. Stay happy, remain always happy and who knows, I might see you someday.
    See you Nepolink. Make lots of friends, stay active in this place, don't let it die. Otherwise I'll come back and hunt your dreams. Yes, I am leaving.
    Also good for your what? It seems like we've lost respect for each other today. I did not want that.
    I'll stop with this. It looks as though you wish to go on fighting and fighting. You are not afraid of me, yes I know this, I don't want to keep fighting. Fighting is for fools, right? ^^
    You made a great decision there, beautiful warrior. It's better to remain alive then to face the wrath of Ao. ^^

    Also, I'm just kidding with all this, you know that, right? I don't want to upset you. Well, maybe I do, like I said, angry girls look better. Cheer up.
    *lowers elemental blade* Nay, I can't hurt you. It would only make me look weak, to hurt someone like you. :P

    I offer you my friendship, take it now or lose it forever. Your choice, oh warrior from Hyrule.
    That's it, pretty girl. You are testing my patience. :P

    I however, wont strike such beauty. Nay, I shall let you live. That tri-force emblem you have is just a yellow tattoo, hahaha. No power there save to point you out as one of the chosen ones of Hyrule.

    You really can't hurt Ao, allow me to become your dearest of friends, friend. What do you say? *extends hand in salute*
    A God? Haha, I'm Ao, I was living in the planes of existence before all other gods. In other words, the Ancient One is more ancient than you can imagine. With such power at my disposal, do you still wish to continue this fight? I am known as a god killer, eh?

    ^^ No, I don't want to hurt you, Nepolink, I'd never do that. So sheath that blade and come with me, join me, together we shall rule this middle earth...wait, no, I am talking about some movie here :P Together we shall rule everything! But you must join me.
    Oh, so wish to fight the Ancient One, eh? *Draws Sephira, the Elemental Master Blade.*
    On guard, then, you pretty looking thing...I will not hesitate to strike you down. XD
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