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  • Hey, Nepolink, decided to drop by and say "Hello!"

    I think I've said it before, but I really like your sig/avy set!
    creating new threats i was writing a story at radamanthy's story club its a very loong and interesting story i guess, its about vaati's aprentice: haali, if you whant to know and still i need to finish it i am not done still
    its the SB so addicting isn't it? i cannot think of that, i should better post or make threats anyway how are you today? master of art
    nice avatar where did you get it(needs 50..............................)
    sheesz, die tetra vind het wel leuk om jouw VM's te sturen o_O. Heel je profiel staat vol.

    Vind je het een beetje gezellig hier trouwens?
    Ok, I see that you are off to work. God bless you and have fun working, maybe later when I wake up in about eight or so hours we can talk, huh? I really, really, really need to talk to you. Relax, it's nothing bad, ok? So be at ease, and remember...
    Also, I see that you logged in...I need to talk to you seriously. So if you please would go to msn, I'd appreciate it much.
    I am a little angry at you, you left me hanging today, and Ao does not like that.

    Ignore me, I'm just taking to myself mostly here...
    i...can,t...eve believe it...."sigh"...beaten by someone who likes to make videogames art !NO!!!!!, ok, i give up, i recognize my failure, you desserve the place of the best artist in the world,i have fallen, beaten and superated by a master of drawings, "len inclinates to give respect to nepolink" oh master of drawings, angel and savior of the art, how can i be your follower of the world of art, NICE DRAWINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BETTER THAN MINES (i use my trusty pencil, and...a clay eraser....i guess i am good at art too, but not as much as you, YOU ROCK!)
    I hate seeing you so quiet, Nepo. Is something the matter? Who hurt you? Was it that terrible monster? ^^
    Here is an encrypted message, which you will not decipher. (hopefully)

    I W L Y T T E O T...I O W, F E! Decode that...unlikely though. ^^
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