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  • Alright, I don't care when it gets done, or how long it takes you. Just do it at your own pace. What I want a picture of is Werewolf Link. It's been discussed a little bit between other members and myself about how Werewolf Link would be better than Wolf Link, and I've always wanted to see it. I've tried drawing it myself, but it turned out terribly, because I'm really bad at drawing people, or creatures modeled similarly. So if you could just draw whatever you think of when you hear the name "Werewolf Link" I would be happy. ^^
    Hey nepolink i finnaly got an avatar and check out my sig
    Gotta hate the recession. My dad came very close to losing his job because of it! Luckily, he got another position in the same company (Comcast), meaning we still have income and free cable, internet, and such. :P
    But it was scary for a while there. :X
    Good luck with your job! It sounds kinda fun, and I hope it stays in business. I would buy something, but I live all the way in the US.

    I got an application for the local movie theater earlier this month. But they're not hiring until October, which is when I'll be turning the already filled-out application in. I heard it'll get thrown out if I turn it in too early, so I don't want that to happen.
    Woot! Thank you! :P

    I don't do much of anything. I don't have a job yet, though I'm planning on getting one once October rolls around. What exactly is your job, anyway?
    I love your artwork SO much! ^^ If I used it for a sig and/or avy on another site with credit to you, would you be mad? I'll only go there if you allow it.

    So many people are lazy these days! It's kinda funny. :P
    *Eats snacks*


    Really? Well, I'll post when I post, and then shout in the shoutbox when I can. :P
    I still go to ZU, but ZD is 10X better. I mostly go for a few select topics, and some friends I have there.

    Oh boy, taxes. But, man, do you guys have the stupidest tax rules! XD I wouldn't wear a hat if it cost money!
    Really? I wanna go to Europe one day for vacation. Rome would be very cool to see. We're actually learning about the Roman Empire and such this year, so I'm excited. :D

    Well, I'll go visit some peeps once I'm out of college. Will be easier with the freedom and all. Plus, my parents would kill me for suggesting it! They're very paranoid and such about people on the internet.

    I mostly only procrastinate with homework. But any kind of work, really, is susceptible to my procrastination. I'm so lazy~!

    Dang! What's sad is that I was awake at that time this morning, after having gone to bed at 11:00-ish. I don't know why. D:

    Show me this Photobucket account! ^^
    Woot! *Huggles*

    Yeah? I'm not the most well-known person there, anyway. Another thing about ZU is that it's starting to lag more and more. I blame the new skin.
    Shoutbox, eh? Well, I don't see it, so I can't post there. D:

    Cool, Europe is awesome! :D I know very very little about that country, though, so what are some of these disappointing rules?

    I never met any members from forums in real life. It's probably because I'm still 16, living at home, so it's not like I can just run off saying, "Yeah, I'm going to meet someone now, buh-bye." They'd think I was crazy. Plus I can't legally drive yet. I'm working on it, but I like to procrastinate. :P
    So, will you give me free snacks? :B

    Just kidding. ^^

    As long as you're happy there, that's all that matters. You are a very talented artist, though. :P

    I have never seen or heard of Heiress on ZU. I'm LinkdOOd110 on there, if you've ever seen me there. It is rather fast, which is why this one feels slow to me, but it's not bad. In fact, it's good. I can keep up with my convesations this way. Most members are rough, too, which is another reason why I came here. It's a nice change. :D

    So you're Dutch, then, am I right? That's cool! The one forum I'm a moderator at isn't exactly my type (I joined for a friend), so I don't go there anymore. In fact, I don't think I'm a mod anymore, either. Not like they needed me on the mod team: there are enough already for the rather small community it has.
    Well, you're certainly a really good artist, I must say. ^^ Is that the field you're planning (or already) going into?

    Thank you! I was a member at ZU before coming here, and my years of experience there have paid off here, it seems. I've already made a few good friends, including you.

    One major difference between ZU and here, though, are the different ranks members can be. The rep system is different, too, definitely.

    So were you a member anywhere else before joining here, or is this your first forum?
    Really? You drew them? That's amazing!

    I have grown rather attached to this forum already, yes. It's hard not to like. Nice members, plenty of good topics to look at, etc. :P
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