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  • Yes, I know, but, if PH was an option, the poll would probably turn into a "How bad PH's OST was" thread xD.

    Anyways, I like Malon's Song, just don't like the ones that are about the Gorman race and stuff.

    Loz is basicly 3 tuned.
    One for the Overworld, one for the dungeons, one for ganon
    In the region of 200+ posts....I was kinda lucky, Skull_kid lost over 600....a quarter of his posts D:

    It wasn't that thing that had Warbears on it was it? (with Bedtime city or something like that)....anyway, I got to go get the bus, I will speak to you later :)
    ALttP's OST was not that bad, compared to LoZ's.
    Anyways, even though MM is my favorite, you have to admit(I have the OSTs for both) that half of it's tracks are recycled from OoT
    Thanks :D....yeah, I am one of the older of the Members here (as in been here or a while without promotion) I think....they are a few though that flat out beat me in that area though.

    It doesn't help some of my best posts we deleted in the hacking of the site :(.

    You very well may become one....Shadsie was here for a short amount of time and she is nearing Noble status.

    I can't complain about not being promoted though, Swiftblade had to wait for over 2 years o_O....others have been waiting just as long

    p.s I may not be able to reply for a while after your next VM to me, I have to get on a bus for 1 hour near enough :(
    I hope I do as well but I still think that other HK's are going to give it to a few others first...

    it depends on

    1) If you get voted in by the HK's themselves
    2) If you are a nice person
    3) if you have good grammar in posts (unless your mother tongue isn't english of course)
    4) If your posts are good and usually detailed

    I probably meet a few of these but I don't know if I beat a few other candidates at the moment....
    Heh..yeah, That was the last time I saw the shoutbox, I didn't come on the next few days since I went to my oldest brothers (30 years old) to play it with his mates.

    I'm doing well....bit bored though since the Shoutbox disappeared and since we are unlikely to get it back maybe I can get a promotion to HK (maybe through a bribe to Mases :xd:) so that I can see it
    I DO use that program, (not much but yes) lol miss tetra is making me laught!!!, she really is a good friend from arkvoodle
    lol yes, i did draw it then i scanned it, lol (i have a feeling that someone in the forums is going to ruin me... not you, someone else)
    Glad you are back. I bet you had a good time, huh? And even if you didn't, I guess it was a fun experience at least.
    So, another Dutch person joins Zelda Dungeon! All applaud the invasion of the Hollanders! We will bring stroopwafels, oliebollen and will introduce Koninginnedag as a national holiday! ... Not really. :P

    Welkom, goed om hier nog een Nederlander te zien!
    Yeah, that's correct. I am a fan of Vaati, he is my favorite Zelda character, in fact. I didn't actually make the avatar and signature though, I suck at computer graphics. :xd:
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