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  • xD tetra is so friendly i see she enjoy to chat a-lot LoL, (pirate princess and the seas)
    I see you joined. Thanks for joining the site, Nepo, hope it's not a major disappointment lol. Have fun, I'll be active in both places, so don't think for one minute that I will leave this place simply because I made my site. No, I'll still be very active here. ^^
    Haha thanks!! it is quite the "awsome" show. :P Its a classic it seems everybody can recognize the show or have watched it some time
    Nah, It was back home from my brothers, Not to school :lol:...I don't have school for another 2 weeks :D

    I'm not sure what site it may be then :hmm:
    I see. Well, perhaps we can rp some place. Oh, also, I think I am done with the main stuff, so the website should be opened right now. I'll post it up in the Outside world forum here, so others can see it.
    Oh I see. Nepo's eyes look awesome with that red slash, makes her look bad.

    Also, it is good to see you are active on forums, I love them too, I love posting and making friends. For my site I will be looking for staff contributors, and since you are good at art, perhaps you could sign up as one.
    Ok, I'll be sure to avoid the blood work, because I really don't like bloody stuff. ^^

    Woot, I am almost done setting up the links for all the indexes. After I get that done, all I have to do is setup the forums and the chat, so I am making headways.
    I like your art work, it's very nice. Mine sucks, so I really choke laughing when I see it. I'll be sure to upload something so you can laugh at it too. ^^

    --I'll pm you a link to the site, right now I don't want to post it in your profile because I don't want other peeps to see it yet, their laughs can wait. ^^
    Yes, the flu is dangerous. So it's already that late over there, huh? Hey, Nepo, have you ever gone to see a soccer match? Are you into soccer over there?

    Also, the website is a fan site for Tetra. You can take a look at it if you want, but it's not much. Just ask me for the link and I'll gladly give it to you, just don't laugh from what you see. ^^
    It's nine-seventeen a.m. here. I woke up feeling kind of ill, the flu, but I feel great nonetheless. I could probably blame my web site for my happiness, I am almost done with it. ^^
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