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  • the main page where you first log in. the thing at the top labeled

    Zelda Dungeon Forum Community
    Panique? Uh, no, just a friendly member. But hey, feel free to ask me anything if ya need help, okay?
    Hey. I'll try to stay active. No promises though.
    And 50 characters for a VM? That sucks. :P
    Stupid things? Spam is not always stupid things. In some cases, one can play games in boards like that, where as in other parts of the forum it is not allowed. One can even discuss other things in spam, one can have a good time with friends there etc.
    Oh I see. I love spam, but I respect the places where it's not allowed. Sure, if there is a spam forum where posts don't count, I like to post silly stuff. ^^
    I know that its shown as its own link and also a link under Community. But if your saying there's two links to Member List that are by thereself then mine doesn't do that. But yeah there are actually two, one after Arcade and one under the Community drop down box. Its been that way for a long time so, idk. I can't change it, but I'll ask Mases about it and get back to you on that.
    No thanks are necessary, I just am friendly with everyone here, so you don't have to say thanks to me. ^^
    Hello Neo I will be the 2nd Person In this Whole Forum to Say Hi and Befriend you! =D
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