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  • We must have a time zone difference because it's already 3:00 PM over here :lol: Then you said your bro gets off at 12:00 and I'm like wha... 7 HOURS?
    Sur thing - I'll get right on this. I'll tell you when I'm done and I'll post it here: Art Shop
    Hi Nayrulinkx. I'm ZeldaHunter and I see your new here so WELCOME TO ZD ^^ I'm not going to tell you how to do stuff since Linknerd bassically covered that. But I see you don't have an Avatar - If you want I can make one for you... Just tell me the design of it and what you want it to say and I'll gladly make one for you ^^ Thanks,
    ~ ZeldaHunter
    First, Welcome to Zelda Dungeon, Nayrulinkx! I'm Linknerd09! Enjoy posting around the forums with us! Ask me if need help or have ?s! Read the rules^^

    Second, I see that you requested^^ I'll be happy to make you one^^ Which part of the Triforce you want to use?
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