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  • Yeah, there's a new MoH set for the fall. No street date yet, though.

    Yeah, MW2 is only really for Live anyway. The campaign is just thrown in there, pretty much. Nobody buys CoD for the campaign. ;p
    MW2 is great, but I think Medal of Honor will be much better. At the moment, though, I don't have Live, so I've not been playing MW2 since campaign is rather boring and short.
    Yeah! I really liked Welcome to the Masquerade too though.
    Ah, I see. I haven't played RE4. But a friend of mine and I are making our way though 5 in co-op mode.
    So is that you in your profile pic?
    Just wondering, you don't have to say if you don't want to.
    Lol! You play RE5?
    TFK = Thousand Foot Krutch.
    I like pretty much everything there is out there. But Rock and metal are at the top of the list.
    Wow, you and are are going to be good friends lol ^^
    Skillet is my favorite band out of all the music I have ever heard.
    You listen to TFK? Disciple? maybe Pillar?
    Welcome to Zelda Dungeon, Navi! Have fun, but don't forget to read the rules!
    If you need anything, just ask me or any other member! See you around!
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