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  1. Naruko

    What religion are you?

    Any other Catholics in the house, struggling through Lent with me? 1 more week and I can drink pop again! So, yeah, I'm pretty private about it, but I'm a (lapsed) Catholic.
  2. Naruko

    What's Your Fandom Pet Peeve?

    *peeks out from under the rock of fandom shame* M-Preg bugs me so much. It makes no sense!! I've only read ONE series that I thought did it absolutely any justice and that's because aliens and a fabulous authoress. That's it. No one else will ever be able to come close. Also, student-teacher...
  3. Naruko

    What fandoms do you like?

    I'm kind of moving away from my fandoms and that makes me really sad. Need a better work-life balance!! But...my biggest ones are Zelda, Fire Emblem (only with a select few things tho), MLP, I dabble in Pokemon and Kingdom Hearts, Lord of the Rings, sort of dabble in Pokemon, sometimes venture...
  4. Naruko

    Share your tattoos

    I have on one to take photos of it atm, but I have the classic Triforce on my left shoulder. Got it done 5 years ago and never looked back. I also want a tattoo on my right inner knee, ankle, right hip, foot, and other shoulder. I will be covered in tattoos!
  5. Naruko

    What Is Your Favorite Kind of Bird?

    OWLS!! (Naruko may have an owl obsession. Don't tell, it's a secret.) I also really like raptors, especially red tailed hawks since I see them quite often near our house.
  6. Naruko

    Favourite school/college subject?

    I don't remember any stand outs from high school. Creative Writing was fun. My favorite college courses were Pediatric Nursing, Mother-Baby Nursing, and my Leadership Clinical. I loved the independence of the clinical, and I always wanted to work with babies/kids. That's my fall back plan if...
  7. Naruko

    What do you miss about high school/primary school, whatever?

    I do miss random all nighters, playing video games and trolling. I miss the randomness of AA and all that fun stuff. I miss the lack of responsibility. And the lack of bills.
  8. Naruko

    How do you cry

    Either I ugly-cry, with big fat tears and boogers and bawling, or I cry the silent tears. The tears where you need to really look close to see if I'm crying and even then, I might just pretend it's a contact issue.
  9. Naruko

    Elf ears; hot or not?

    Pretty hot. I'm going to blame the pretty boys of LotR for this particular thing. Mmmmmm....
  10. Naruko

    /me sips tea

    Fruit teas! I had a really good pomegranite white, and a coconut black. I also drink apple chamomile, peppermint, rooibos with various fruits and rosehips, and jasmine. And I'll drink the caramel-vanilla tea my mom bought. Has anyone else had Celestial Seasoning's Nutcracker Sweet? It's the...
  11. Naruko

    What kind of teas don't you like?

    I really don't like most green teas. Other than that, every other tea I've tried I've liked.
  12. Naruko

    Do you wear makeup?

    I put on makeup for dates and interviews and other important things. But I have the worst oily skin, so I want to rub my face in makeup and then it gets in my eyes and annoys my contacts. -_- Also morning Naruko is lazy as poop and doesn't have the energy for makeup before work.
  13. Naruko

    The super revived ZD crush thread

    @Lady of the Leaves , let's get married. =P
  14. Naruko

    Pirates or Ninjas?

    Tough choice....Pirates. Because Will Turner and Capt. Jack Sparrow beat the pretty boys of Naruto. *gets lost in daydreams* OK, maybe not, but Teenage!Naruko was all about the pirates.
  15. Naruko

    Early Start/Early Finish, or Late Start/Late Finish?

    I really like the 7-1530 hours I currently have. I have free evenings that way. Buuuut...I prefer late start and late finish. Then I feel like I accomplish more.
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