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  1. nafizl

    Zelda Art Goron's Bracelet-Hand Made

    Interesting .___.
  2. nafizl

    Skyward Sword Keychain GET?!

    Yeah I was wondering if I should get those skyward sword keychains...my budget is 400 bucks and Im mostly getting video game stuff so what should I get?
  3. nafizl

    Vote for My 3ds Question Thing Please :D

    http://nintendo3dsdblog.uservoice.com/forums/146011-q-a-for-nintendo-3ds-tv/suggestions/2515850-how-can-us-nintendo-fanboys-say-that-the-3ds-is-be Yeah so vote for it and there will be......RUPEES
  4. nafizl

    General Modern Mish Cap Castor Wilds Swamp

    I forget...... :P the veyr beggining I tonk
  5. nafizl

    General Modern Mish Cap Castor Wilds Swamp

    Yeah I dont know what to do... IM sick AND TIRED OF THE LEGEND OF ZELDA >.<
  6. nafizl

    Zelda Shirt and Animated Series Giveaway - The Hardest Zelda Level or Dungeon

    I thnk the hardest dungeon is Ocarina of Time the 3ds remake's Master Quest Shadow Temple it is very confusing and I STILL cannot find the last few small keys for the past 4 months now and it feels scarier in the remake with the redeads and everything having depth and popping out and detail...
  7. nafizl


    THATS WHAT I DO O.O wow I feel STU{ID
  8. nafizl


    Yeah so I am stuck in the first part of the mining facility like I cant even open the DOOR WHAT DO I DO!?
  9. nafizl

    Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Ballad of The Godess Theme/Main Theme on My Dragtooth

    Yeah my Green cheeked conure was yelling in the background and that was my first SKYWARD SWORD OCARIAN THEME TRY SO PLEASE DONT HATE OR BE HARSH http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5DCuj4q8B6Q
  10. nafizl

    Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Ballad of The Godess Theme on My Ocarina

    On my DRAGON TOOTH OCARINA WITH MY GREEN CHEEKED CONURE YELLING IN THE BACKGROUND! xD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5DCuj4q8B6Q Nobody wants to watch?????????????????????????????????????????
  11. nafizl

    Sick and Tired of Zelda?!

    I probably will get into it once again after four swords and minish cap are released!
  12. nafizl

    ZeldaHunter's Art Shop

    Graphic: Skyward Sword Link and Kirby with Straw Hats(One Piece) with Cecil (final fantasy IV) AND A CHOCOBO Design: wont that cover the entire picture? Um....A GREEN CHEEK CONURES FALLING FROM THE SKY! Text: I am a brown otaku!
  13. nafizl

    Ocarina of Time Ocarina of Time 3d or Master Quest Forest Escapes!

    WHOA thats AWSOME HIGH FIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THROUGH THE INTERNET! I tried this but maneuvering myself BACKWARDS is HARD!
  14. nafizl

    ZeldaHunter's Art Shop

    Can you handle it? yeah I should study for the SHSAT...................................
  15. nafizl

    Sick and Tired of Zelda?!

    So in the year of 2011 U got Ocarina of Time 3d, borrowed wind waker and almost beat it, got Zelda 2 adventure of link,Legend of Zelda (ambassadors program DUH), my friend scratched my twilight princess disc (stuck in that for 3 years), got Link's Awakening eshop, and I will (hopefully) get...
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