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  • Yeah I read that long ago. Looks good. So, you have your final sign up. This means you'll continue the story, I am guessing?
    The only intelligent demons are the wolfen beast. They can't talk, but they're smart enough to back off or think of a quick attack plan. The rest of the demons are dumber than naruto.
    Ooh, yes I read it. :) I didn't make a comment as I was in a rush at the time, but I did enjoy it very much. ^^
    You just posted it, eh? I have the time now, so I will read it. You should vm a few peeps and ask them to sign up. That is what I do when I really need a sign up.
    Hm, I dug a little deeper in threads and found another Atturi submission. Here's the info if you want to see it.

    Name: Atturi Zalc
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Race: Hylian
    Weapon: Halberd (spear kind, not axe kind)
    Job: None
    Description: Long white-blond hair, pale skin from being inside too much, silver eyes, wears white, has emerald and silver necklace.
    Bio: Was part of a ship crew, but went upon a storm, and was the only survivor. He found the deserted Forsaken Fortress and made it his stronghold.
    Cast Friends: None (but seems to recognize Artemys..........)
    I certainly have that information, though atm you're gonna have to forgive me, as I will not be able to show it to you. You see, finding some of those old threads was actually a pain in the arm for me, haha, but I was able to find many of those characters, and some I had in my mind, really. But yeah, I will surely show you the info when I find it again. In fact, lemme see if I can find it real quick....
    Actually, I could handle that, you know? But I think doing that would rob you of your story and fame as a writer here, it would be like me taking over your works. Honestly, I think it is you who should write the story, with all respect. I never thought that the characters were distanced, your stories were always good. So yeah, I think letting you do that is for the best. :)
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