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  • I thought it was funny, as it was my character and I play Skyrim a lot. Is he no longer an adventurer?
    Awesome, Vipee. Listen, I don't really have time to read it right nao, but I will surely read it ASAP, I promise. :)
    Haha, you gotta excuse me for what I said in that last vm. I totally got busy with some stuff and failed to read your update. But fret not, I shall tackle it tomorrow when I wake up. ;)
    Great! :) I will save that read for later tonight and leave you a comment, haha, which I didn't leave last time.
    Buahaha. But you did read it back then, right? Right? :O

    Tis good that you don't remember it, it will actually give you a reason to read the new version, which will be way better. The two stories will set up the final one quite nicely, what with the addition of the three goddesses, which I left out back then. :P
    Oh yeah, you surely can. ;)

    Tell me something...What do you remember from the epilogue of SOTF? Anything that you still remember?
    Cool. :) For this project I may leave Atturi Zalc for the last story, to close it out with a big bang. But I recommend reading the two stories, as there will be lots of new content, new dialogue, new chapters, etc.
    Right. Well I will surely read that once you get it posted. I'm working on a new project. I won't mention much but if you are interested to know what's up with This One, I did post a blog update about it.
    Wow, that's exciting! I've never been too big on video games except for every once in a while when a new Zelda game comes out.
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