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  • Skyrim? Hey me too. I bought an add on a few days ago, the one where you can make your own home. I had to restart a new quest again because my other character was too much pwnage. :P

    What level are you on? Btw, I started a new game this morning because I had so many save files and wanted to clean up my drive. I'm a Khajit named Gobli.
    Oh is that right? Lol, I haven't read the books, thus why I asked whether that was right or wrong.
    Yeah, bet you're good at that. :P

    I have to go for a while. I just logged in but I have to go and take care of something. See ya later, I may be back later tonight.
    Haha, yeah, we haven't talked in a bit, eh? I read your last update, that was good and I hadn't commented on it because I was busy finishing up my first book. I'll surely do that in a bit, as I will be posting my story too, so I hope you find the time to read it if you can and if you want. Remember that your character won't appear just yet, not in this book, but he'll make a grand entrance in the future, you'll see.

    What about you? What have you been up to?
    lol. Nice. I didn't realize that minecraft reference til you pointed it out. Better than "Vera hit the ground too hard."

    That name reference, I would have never figured out.
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