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  • Six stories, eh? I hope that you get to the final book for this series. It is still a long way to go, but you can do it. :)
    Most of it, really. I would go to the site and just do a search on books so you can see for yourself.
    Yep. Those have been my plans right from the start, and only because I know that my writing is still at the amateur level. Self Publishing doesn't require much, all you need to do is pay to have your work turned into a book, doesn't matter if it is a good story, or whether it has typos etc, you just pay to have it printed. Go to Lulu.com if you are interested.
    Well, it is good to hear that, hope to see an update soon.

    And it is going good. I could have probably finished the 1st book by now, but since I am watching the games both during the day and night, well I really haven't been concentrating on writing too much. I do write, but not as I often do it for hours, you know?
    Oh yeah? Well congrats, hope you get it. ^^ I am sitting at my bros pc, but also watching the Olympics.
    Were you not at all suspicous that the best song ever was in a spoiler with an adress that said sonny moore found dead. Lol
    2011 <-- its just a comic read it, it reminds me of you.
    You have a sick sence of humor to, when you said that I laughed so hard I fell out of my chair and hurt my head. XD
    Well, just the fact that you never present yourself in the SB (not that I've seen anyway). Also, we tend to have conversations at random intervals. Aloofness, my friend :P
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