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  1. My Dear Epona

    WW-Wii U Medli's Harp

    Hey guys been a while since i last posted. I was playing TWW recently and while i did dragon roost i noticed Madili's harp. It looks terribly similar to sheik's harp and to what seems we will have on SS. Do you think Madili could somehow get Sheik's harp?
  2. My Dear Epona

    General Classic Temples or Side Quests?

    Hello guys :) it's been a while since my last post but am back! yay. So i was watching the video walkthrough for MM mainly just for fun and I was thinking on how much I like the side quests. Then I thought on the rewards of the side quests and they pretty much end on you getting the mask or...
  3. My Dear Epona

    Your Zelda Bucket List

    Beat 100% every Zelda game, get all games in their original form, and complete the zelda timeline!!
  4. My Dear Epona

    Idea For a Dungeon (Don't Laugh)

    The item could be a big hammer used to play the instruments :)
  5. My Dear Epona

    Size of Hyrule

    ok so a horse average speed is between 10-17 mph epona is fast so lets assume she runs around 17mph from the forrest to castle town the sun manages to go down or up depending on the moment you left so that would be around 12 hours.. so from ordon to castle town it would be 204miles, the distance...
  6. My Dear Epona

    Spoiler The Strongest Zelda Final Boss

    Well I actually would say the Final Nightmare from LA, dude that thing has the power of reality, if it wanted it could have turned into a giant algae and somehow kill you, its like the freddy krugger from zelda
  7. My Dear Epona

    What's the Difference Between Ganon and Ganondorf?

    I think Ganondorf is the gerudo man who plays the antagonist in some games (WW,OoT,TP) while Ganon is the demon who sometimes using ganondorf, other times by itself (Original LoZ for example) and sometimes appearing with no apparent reason (am looking at you FSA) tries to govern the world. I...
  8. My Dear Epona

    Ocarina of Time Wait, What?

    She knew her role on the legend, she just decided to follow it
  9. My Dear Epona

    Koume and Kotake in SS?

    I think they could make a cameo but we should not be able to fight against them, we could fight them on the alternative dimension or whatever oox were but if ss is a prequel as we assume it is we need them to stay alive!
  10. My Dear Epona

    Twilight Princess If You Could Choose/make an Item to Help U with the Game What Would It Be

    I would make a bag that allows me to carry my defeated enemies weaponry, Yeah Ganondorf Sword too
  11. My Dear Epona

    Your Zelda Records

    LOZ, LA OOT/3DMQ, MM, WW TP ST 4SA 100% all, i used guide as well but just for checking if i had all I could get, but I did not time any of them, i enjoy playing them slowly
  12. My Dear Epona

    No Time, No Time, Who's Got the Time

    Legend Theory OK so.. hi :) This theory might not make much sense at the beginning but bare with me. I think we can all agree most games have the same sequence of events, and the ones who don't kinda have their own pattern between them. So the main sequence tends to be: Link comes from a...
  13. My Dear Epona

    The Triforce of Power

    I think you mean Zelda has the triforce of wisdom
  14. My Dear Epona

    You Guys Are Gonna Love This

  15. My Dear Epona

    Parallels of Majoras Mask.

    I never saw his transformation as a parallel, thats real interesting!
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