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  • You're very much welcome. Your posts are very well-thought out, and are among the reasons I log on to ZD. [noparse] :)[/noparse]

    Some members are simply turned off by long posts. This is quite unfortunate.
    I really like reading your posts. Seriously, I find your post most interesting, but they are gawd awful long. lol This isn't a big deal (IMO), but a lot of members think tl;dr.
    I'd rather the story stay linear. That allows for greater in-depth events. However, I'd like the feel to be like SS had with its sidequests feeling very nonlinear.
    I think the thing between me and the Zelda fans that are blindly praising SS is that I'm more of an experienced Zelda player (meaning, I've done challenges and what not, mastered games for the most part) so difficulty seems to be dropping, and I noticed puzzles a lot faster than a newer player would. I also have some expectations regarding the story, because I played all of the Zelda series thus far and I noticed the basics to each one of them is the exact same thing: Link starts off peaceful, an event happens, he now saves the world or his friend Zelda, and he ALWAYS succeeds in everything he does. I guess my expectations stem from playing both OoT and MM; OoT has the epic adventure and has already been done. MM has the best characters that Zelda has ever seen. I combine the two and look at other games and contrast. Sometimes I just use OoT to compare/contrast.

    In the end of things, I just see each new Zelda game as trying to be better than OoT, a goal that blinds the developers from making each new Zelda game reach its potential. TP very clearly tried to copy-paste OoT. SS tried to take some concepts and evolve them, but it fell short because of a few flaws that, while alone they mean nothing, but alike TP when you bunch them together you start to see SS for its true worth, not the blind fanboyism that the newer Zelda fans hold for it.
    To Answer those ?s Myself
    All except for OoA and SwS, Japanese exclusive, CD-I games, and remakes.
    Mine are OoT (Gerudo Valley)(Spirit) MM(Stone Tower and Deku Palace)(Stone Tower) TP(Hidden Skill and Village, Hyrule Field,)(Arbiter’s Grounds) AlttP(Sanctuary and Hyrule Castle)(I just loved all the dungeons I can’t choose just 1)
    Stone Mask love killing Takkuri for money.
    World Peace(like no wars peace.)
    Yes for SwS and Yes but after the price of both goes down.
    I couldn't agree more. Even if you didn't tell someone the music is from a video that person may enjoy it.

    Just a few ? since we started talking.

    Which LoZ games do you own?
    Your Fav LoZ game/games, Fav BGM/BGMs, and Fav Dungeon in those games?
    Your Triforce wish?
    Plan on getting SwS? Same with OoT 3D/ already own OoT 3D?
    The only reason I bought Mystical Ninja again is because I had the Yamato Theme in my head 1 day at school and some kid recognized it from an old N64 Konami game so I that day when I got back home from school I decided to Google Konami games on the N64 and when I saw Goemon: Mystical Ninja on that list the memories rushed back.

    I love the I am Impact Theme and Sasuke is my Favorite Character.
    Saw your N64 Game Thread

    I was one day walking through the halls at school doing the Isle o' Hags Theme and someone recognized it.

    I'm also currently doing a minimalist move run to see how far you can get or even if you can beat the game.
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