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  1. Mudora

    Halloween 2020 Avatar & Signature Competition - Voting Round

    Seriously, they're all so good! My vote goes to Echolight - those drawings are too freakin' cute!
  2. Mudora

    What are you doing for halloween?

    My Halloween plan is to wait until November 1st when all the leftover candy goes on-sale and then gorge myself.
  3. Mudora

    What do you like to do to calm yourself and relax?

    When feeling overwhelmed or stressed out, I generally like to take a break from the situation by escaping into something else, whether it's music, TV/videogames, a book, or a simple conversation with someone. I remember when I was in school, I often felt like I didn't have the time to panic and...
  4. Mudora

    Which design for Zelda (the character) is your favorite?

    Like many have said, the Twilight Princess version of Zelda is among my favourite designs for her. It's a more mature look that suits her royal status. I just wish we would've gotten a glimpse of her sword fighting capabilities! That being said, I wouldn't mind seeing Zelda occasionally don...
  5. Mudora

    First look at Robbie and Purah

    The unimpressed expressions of Impa, Zelda, and Link get me every time. :crylaugh: I was curious if we we're going to see these two and I'm glad for it, even if they don't end up being playable. Their designs seem fitting and they appear to be just as eccentric as ever, so I look forward to...
  6. Mudora

    Halloween 2020 Avatar & Signature Competition - Entry Round

    TIME TO GET SPOOKY! I did it for the orange username
  7. Mudora

    What are you looking forward to the most: Age of Calamity or BotW2?

    Overall, I'm more excited for BOTW2 given that it's part of the main series and will hopefully continue to build on and improve some concepts introduced by its predecessor. That being said, AoC is an unexpected surprise being delivered to us relatively soon, so it deserves hype as well!
  8. Mudora

    Your favourite version of Impa

    I like the design of young SS (and HW) Impa, but the demeanor of OoT Impa.
  9. Mudora

    What town in The Zelda Series would you want to live at?

    Lon Lon Ranch. Close enough to the hustle and bustle of Hyrule Castle Town, but isolated to the countryside where my introverted self could relax peacefully among the animals. :cucco:
  10. Mudora

    Hey, Happy Birthday! :party:

    Hey, Happy Birthday! :party:
  11. Mudora

    Should AoC Have Alternate Endings?

    Nah, let them all burn. We all know what happens, but now we want to see exactly how it does. Plus, I think telling the story as intended sets up for an interesting gaming experience where the player knows that despite best efforts and all previously successful campaigns, you're always destined...
  12. Mudora

    Which Champion are you looking forward to playing as?

    Urbosa cz she's a badass lady that can conjure lightning with the snap of her fingers. But I need a Daruk storyline that helps to heal his relationship with dogs.
  13. Mudora

    Where is your hype for Age of Calamity?

    I mean, I still don't own a Switch yet, but I'm pretty excited. I enjoyed slashing my way through hoards in the original HW, so this game is definitely on my list.
  14. Mudora

    Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

    ^Haha, the best part of any game! But am I excited to watch a beautiful and prosperous Hyrule be set on fire with all heroic characters meeting their untimely demise? HECK YES.
  15. Mudora

    Choose One Thing You Hope for from BotW 2

    I suppose I would summarize my biggest hope for BOTW2 as simply wanting better variety in many aspects. With an overworld as big as the one we were given, I want to see different enemy/boss types (including the redesign of ones we've seen in previous games), not just the same enemy with a...
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