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  • COMMAND MIXING Why DDD? Why don't you have it? And we can't even level up our commands!! Why?!

    I can definitely compare my own friendship to Axel Roxas Xion; I even had two great friends and we slowly got separated! But we did get back together in the end so it works out fine :D

    I didn't know you could download PSP titles onto your PS3! Are the PSN accounts linked or something? I myself don't own a PS3 or a PSP but I've played on both many times..just never online! xD I hope all goes well for you! I heard FF3 on the PSP wasn't as good as people expected it to be but I couldn't speak for them!
    I agree so much about DDD, I had many expectations and I was expecting something similar to the scope of BBS or maybe KH1, but the end result was something less than my expectations. I SO agree about flowmotion! I was like "OMG SORA SWINGING AROUND POLES!!" but it turns out flowmo is just a tiny, pretty much insignificant addition to combat! And the game also had fewer commands and there was no damage scaling to them! Even KHRe:coded had damage scaling as you leveled them up! [noparse]:O[/noparse] And don't get me started on the story, I expectated WAY TOO MUCH for the poor handheld title! Oh, but you know what makes me mad the most? The fact that Nomura reused KH1 Sora's battle style and looks AGAIN! I wanna use KH2 Sora!!! :xd:

    KH13.com - Kingdom Hearts - 2011 Trailer
    ^^^ I watched that trailer THE DAY it came out, and I was so hyped for KH3D! But nuuu, I didn't get what I wished for! But all is good, I'll live ;)

    And about Days, I loved all of the emotion and the sadness and ESPECIALLY Roxas' little trio of Roxas Axel Xion. It's a realistic situation, where your friends start fighting and you end up losing one or even both your friends! It makes me cry and the ending had me bawling pretty much! xD

    Oh, I've been waiting for KH3 since KH2 released! I mean, the wait has been simmered down a bit (because in that time span, I was waiting for Birth by Sleep which took FOREVER to come out!), but now that DDD is released, I am waiting with very little patience for KH3 to at LEAST be revealed! I think it'll release in like four years time, though, because Nomura is working on FFVersusXIII and also HD remakes of all the games to a certain point (speaking of which, if you have a PS3, you can get KH1.5HD remix when it releases sometime next year, which has KH1 and KHRe:CoM playable!)
    Yeah. I knew that, I only recently learned why the last season was never dubbed. The last season is actually the best season in my opinion. It's hilarious!
    My favorite game is Kingdom Hearts II for the PS2, it's so fun in my opinion and I love the way the story sprawls! :)
    I haven't been enjoying DDD all too much; the game felt like it was a bit too minor and nothing was really COMPELLING for me storywise. Like, Days had Roxas' plight and emotion made me continue. Re:coded was just fun. KH1 and KH2, I wanted to find Riku and Kairi. But DDD? I didn't really feel much.

    That being said, I'm working on a Critical Mode file, I am at Symphony of Sorcery on both characters (skipped Country of Musketeers because I want to be overleveled for that world)

    What's your favorite title, and why? :)
    The first 4 seasons of the original anime is in English and so are the movies. It's just the last season that isn't in English because CWI and DiC lost the rights to it.
    Hi! Yes! I absolutely love the series! Played and beat them all exccept the Final Mixes! :)
    I always prefer the console versions when it comes to BB. While I was able to play CS2 just fine on my PSP, it's still a game that's best played with a controller, especially when you want to get into some of the more complicated moves (Eternal Coils of the Dragon Serpent, anyone?).
    Personally, it'd be Continuum Shift. Much more balanced than Calamity Trigger was. And yeah, it was Chronophantasma. :>
    Actually, my favorite character is Hotaru Tomoe/ Sailor Saturn. She is so much like me. I'm glad to hear you like the series so far. I recommend reading the manga too. They're making a new anime that is going to follow the manga more closely and dub it to English next summer. :)
    I got the game only last week, and I've grudgingly switched off Komory Bat at The Grid now that I've maxed out his Ability Board. He's still my favorite Dream Eater though. :)
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