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    A Fierce Deity character for Zelda U?

    I think it would be cooler if they did a prequel to majoras mask about fierce deity link. Not gonna happen but it would be awesome.
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    instaGC.com was created in February 2011 and is the top rewards site that offers instant gift cards to its members. Over 100 different options are available (example of a few -> Amazon, eBay, League of Legends, Pizza Hut, Target, Walmart) that you can redeem your points for. Tons of easy offers...
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    Random Encounters

    Judging by what Aonuma said in the Digital Event it sounds like random encounters will be present. Now I dont think random encounters will get to a Final Fantasy extreme but I will appear on the Overworld as an optional boss kind of like in wind waker with the big octos. And also in the...
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    Am I the Only One Worried About Link?

    Even if it is customisable, I am sure you will still be able to make a character that looks like Link.
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    General Zelda Do You Replay 2D Games or 3D Games More?

    I play 3d zelda's more due to the fact that I own pretty much all of them. I do own ALTTP but the batterys dead. :(
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    Spoiler Termina Is The Equivalent to Heaven?!!

    Thanks :) I Forgot he appeared in the end credits.
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    Spoiler Termina Is The Equivalent to Heaven?!!

    Now Before I start I just want to say I don't know if this is a theory or not already so don't get angry at me if it is and if it is can you please leave a link so I can read it. Thanks :) Now as the the title says I think Termina is the Equivalent to Heaven or if you wan't Hell. But either way...
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    Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII

    If its one game Im looking forward to next year its this one. And as soon as I saw the first trailer I was blown away. I keep going back to it seeing if I can find anything "secret" but seems to be no luck. But I was just wondering if anyone was Interested. I am certainly going to pick it up on...
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    What is the Most Recent Game That You Completed?

    Just yesterday I finished final fantasy xiii-2. It was Awesome :D.
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    Favorite Video Game Music

    Video game music is the only music I listen to because it is AMAZING(at least from the games I play)!!!! Final Fantasy Banjo Kazzoie The Legend of Zelda Kingdom Hearts Mario Pokemon The Elder Scrolls Star Fox Metroid Kid Icarus All absolutely amazing :) .
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    Leak or Fake?

    Fake for sure. The shield is incorrect and all the pictures are just blurry and there all of the top screen so the person could of just made them on the computer and put the pictures on the 3ds.
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    Your Thoughts on 3DS XL

    I dont really mind it. I am not going to buy the 3ds xl but because I think its just for those who asked for bigger screen back at e3 2010.
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    Final Fantasy

    Dont get angry over this because this was the game that brought me into the series. final fantasy xiii and xiii-2.
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    Bought a PSP and Birth by Sleep Today.

    J-E-A-L-O-U-S > Limit break > Honorable Hero
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    Latest Video Game Purchase

    Well That would be Final Fantasy VII (Play Station Network release) and Kingdom Hearts 3d Dream Drop Distance which I bought on Its release.
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