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    Favorite Female Co-character In Anime???

    Iris is too childish. Misty or dawn is okay.
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    Pokemon TV Series

    Some episodes are better than others. One good thing in the new season (BW) is that the team rocket doesnt appear in all the episodes.
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    What Buttons Do You Press when Catching Pokemon?

    I dont press anyone. If you press someone something happens?
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    Pokemon TCG for the Gameboy Color

    I only played a little of pokemon TGC when I was in the school. Never after that.
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    Opinions on Legendary Pokemon in Battles?

    yeah. to stick with normal pokemons is better.
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    Breeding Problems

    The best way is to use ditto to bread with the other pokemon. To the egg appear quickly after putting the two pokemons together get your bike and go biking from the day-caro to skyarrow bridge. Make 6 laps in the bridge and go back to the day-care. The man will say that the egg has appeared.
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    Capturing Method

    I use a lot of great and net balls to catch many of then.
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    The Battle Subway

    I think that is not good that the pokemons that you find in battle subway dont appear in your pokedex. And sometimes the game made a very hard trainer to defeat and there goes your progress.
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    What if Pokemon Were Real?

    if they were real it would be good to go in a journey to find a lot of pokemons.
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    Your Mom in the Game

    I like that because of my mom the pokemons recover more fast than in the pokemon center.
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    Beating a Game Every Way Possible.

    if you dont try to evolve is a good challenge.
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    POKEMON: It Was All Just a Dream?

    if ash is suffering from a kind of disease and the pokemons didnt exist it would be very sad.
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    You can say that victini is "rare" because and cant have a egg of it or find it in the game.
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    Master Ball Question

    you can try to guard the master ball and use a lot of ultra and great balls to catch these difficult pokemons.
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    Training Strategy

    I try to have a pokemon of 6 different types in the party and generally put a grass or dragon as the first.
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