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  • I think it was because of real life (The only thing that will keep me from ZD is real life!) But don't you think I will be a good game mod???
    Hi MP! So, since Atsuma's gone, I took charge of a game called Guild Wars (idk, if you knew that) But I really think you'll love this game (Oh noes, I lost the game:xd:)

    Anyhoo, if you sign up, you get a piece of pie!:lol: Seriously, it means business when it comes to pie:lol:
    A lucky star dropped on earth one night, and it asked me,"What do you want? A million dollars, or a true friend?" I chose a million dollars.....because I already have you.*Send this to 20 of your truest friends of ZD; if you get this back you're a true friend!

    000_______*TRUE FRIEND*___ _00
    000000 __________________ 00000

    I don't have anything to say, just wanted to say hey.

    (wow that rhymed)
    Oh my gosh, that was hilarouse! XD TWW is defintly better than TP. Link keeps landing on a wall over and over again! X3
    {QUOTE=MoblinPiglet;158124}I love how in WW, when you put all the stones in the statues and then on the last one, link thinks the statues is going to explode so he run, but it didn't, he goes up to it and *BOOM*, he goes flying.{/QUOTE}
    Can you show me a video of that. 0 .0 It sounds funny. X3
    Hey MP!

    I made a new forum game ^^

    It's called Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sinnoh. Could you please join? We still need some new members.
    Hai Moblin Piglet! Well, we need your vote for the Avatar the Last Airbender group for suggestions. (yes, I brought it back to life:D)
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