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    guess what????...............................................
    Outpost and Docks are my favorites. I don't really like Memorial because of Snipers. Outpost has snipers as well but they are fairly obvious if you get killed once.

    I don't really mind any map as I use assualt rifles
    Hey MP, I have noticed you haven't shown up on my friend roster in Goldeneye. I figured out that we both need to add eachothers codes for the friend thing to work. I have added you, you just need to add me, my code is 2163-5869-3785.
    OK, I'll try this one. I do have Monster Hunter tri, but I literally just got it, so i have hardly anything.
    I tried to put in your friend code and the game said that the friend code didn't exist.
    Hey MP, I am going to add you as a friend in Goldeneye sometime, hopefully today. Here is my friend code 2163-5869-3785.
    XD its a joke with my friends! I'm fine with him! i like the games i just don't like the art style that's all :P
    wow! it's first time that someone got curious about my username, by the way it's fighter sword, i did a wrong spelling to the word fighter so that other users will be confuse.
    WELL.....................I do love my Zelda you can click the games and get more info if you want.
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