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    Odd Zelda Theories

    Here's one: -The Picori were eradicated during The Great Calamity; hence why there's little to no rupees and **** hidden in rocks and grass in BotW.
  2. Moblinking5000

    While my Guitar gently weeps....

    I saw this cover band of Led Zeppelin a few years back, and they improvised an amazing solo in this extended version of Stairway. Guitar is awesome.
  3. Moblinking5000

    Rate the Last Movie That You Watched

    Alot of oppressed people still resent the oppressive majority, though, even when people from the majority try to make amends in some way. You can argue whether that's right, but it is realistic. I also like how the ending treats forgiveness; in too many shows, forgiveness is put on this pedestal...
  4. Moblinking5000

    Odd Zelda Theories

    I don't know if ''odd'' is what I'd use, but the least popular theories I seem to have are: -Zelda's Ceremonial Speech in BotW is just straight up talking about SS. -The Ancient Sages assisted Hylia in creating the Goddess Sword. -The hero that helped seal Ganon in darkness in the backstory...
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    What could Nintendo have done besides the downfall timeline?

    They actually said in interviews around OoT's release that it deals with the IW.
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    What could Nintendo have done besides the downfall timeline?

    No, but consider the following fcts: A. Ganon is sealed with the Triforce of Power instead of the complete TF (like in the IW) at the AT end of OoT, and we didn't have any way of knowing what happened to him on the CT back in 1998, not to mention that OoT has sages of different races whereas...
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    Triforce Clause

    Hey, that's what happened as seen in TWW. Also, I made an edit that goes a bit more in-depth on this subject.
  8. Moblinking5000

    Triforce Clause

    He's a spirit, so he's already dead. Meaning that his wish won't be undone. It might be on a case by case basis though, not a general rule; yes, the Dark World was transformed by Ganon's wish, but the Triforce doesn't just shine brightly and makes things happen; there's always a certain method...
  9. Moblinking5000

    Why? The DT makes more sense; Hyrule isn't flooded and Ganon has been revived countless times...

    Why? The DT makes more sense; Hyrule isn't flooded and Ganon has been revived countless times, not to mention the fact that CaC says that Ganon ''lost his reason'' which happens on the DT. Oh, and the OoT sages are still awakened like the AT.
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    Linear Timeline expanded

    Not to mention the ''two endings'' quote of The Wind Waker, or that OoT itself shows the AT and CT coexisting seperately, or that JP TWW says that the Hero of Time left Hyrule by ''travelling the flows of time'' , etc. alot of evidence disproves a linear timeline. Do you have any actual...
  11. Moblinking5000

    Linear Timeline expanded

    I've already argued against linear timelines millions of times, don't know if I'll do so again. I might later if I have nothing better to do. As for the Encyclopedia quote about the timeline being able to be interpreted in a number of ways, the Japanese version of Encyclopedia does not have...
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    What does a 4-6/10 mean to you?

    Honestly, I have high standards for what I consume. I stay within the 8-10 range(maybe a 7 depending on how I feel) unless if I see something I find REALLY interesting, or if it's part of a franchise/series/artist/director I like, whether it's games, movies, tv, music, etc.
  13. Moblinking5000

    What’s your favorite form of Zelda

    Between the options on the poll, I'd say Tetra, SS Zelda, or ST Zelda. I like how involved they all are in their respective plots, and Tetra is a badass pirate captain and ST Zelda accompanies you for your adventure. I also like the plot twist involving SS Zelda. Out of those not in the list...
  14. Moblinking5000

    What could Nintendo have done besides the downfall timeline?

    Ever heard of the Triforce Wish Theory? It proposes that the DT is the original timeline(which it is from a meta perspective), and that at the end of ALttP, Link's wish on the Triforce to reverse Ganon's evil was so strong that it ''echoed'' to the past, leading to a timeline where the Hero of...
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