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  • Awesome, I knew you could do it, good job ^::^ :shinesprite:

    *Pokes your forehead* I'm gonna be having a busy day today, so I'll see you later, keep being awesome now.
    Well, don't feel bad either way, I was never too good at speaking in front of an audience either. I will believe in you though, it's very possible that you'll be able to pull through well enough, just try your best to keep calm and give it your all. That's all one can really expect out of ya, and know that even if you do screw up I won't be disappointed in you or anything :>
    Anytime, and well, try not to worry too much I guess...I mean, if it's something you enjoy then be excited about it, being worried about doing something you enjoy just seems silly to me :P
    I'm nervous about tomorrow...I have to get in front of a bunch of people and read something that I wrote....it makes me really nauseous
    D'awww, I'm sure you'll do ok, sweetheart. You're good at writing stuff and I'm sure if you try your best you should do just fine, I have faith in you ^::^ :shinesprite:
    Well, that's more than alright, heheh. Overall have you been keeping up to date with the Naruto stuff yourself though, Josie? Lots of stuff has happened...
    Tonight huh, well I hope you have fun, from what I've heard RE6 isn't the best one out there but I guess overall the opinions on it vary from person to person.
    Rezzical, sounds like you're in for a fun time then...just be careful with Resident Evil 6 though, I don't want my daughter having nightmares or anything o::eek:

    The next game for me will be Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3, it's coming out March 5th, gonna be great ^::^
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