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  • Lucky you =P

    I also can't help but think certain characters who weren't included as being playable will eventually be released as DLC or something...
    Same here, but since I have no way to get Xbox Live I won't be getting it, me sad face...ah well though, whatever.
    Rezzical, I got the game for Xbox 360 myself, it's pretty great...I already beat the main story and am now just doing various missions in the over world among other things.
    Maybe it's because you changed your main signature then I guess, that's the only senseful answer I can come up with anyways :/
    Well, I think it's something in your signature, as the warning appears when trying to check your thread posts as well. So maybe if you added something new in a spoiler or something, I dunno, it's just that earlier such a warning never popped up and this is confusing >::>
    Hmmm, no wait...if there are any images around on your profile that could be the cause maybe remove whatever Visitor Message is connected to them or something, also maybe check your signature as images in there could be the reason as well, actually soemthing tells me it is something in your signature because I can't view any of your thread posts without the warning popping up as well now -::eek:
    Josie, honey, I'm getting a Malware warning whenever I try to view your page now...not sure what could be the case :/
    You're welcome, and trying is all I can expect from you, overall you're too awesome a person to die young though. Too awesome a person to kill yourself period...you're better than that and I know it. Even despite your young age you are a very mature and respectable young lady who has a lot of potential and a likely bright future ahead of you, you're strong and capable of putting up with some of the most difficult situations...I have faith that you'll be ok and that if you truly try your best you can make it through any hardship, so always keep faith in yourself as well ^^
    Yes...many times before. I started out by cutting myself on purpose but making it look like an accident. I haven't done it lately and I hope I never do it again because I keep getting into short depressions that try to ruin me...
    Oh, sweetheart, I'm so sorry to hear that :kawaii:

    I'm always here if you're even feeling down and need a shoulder to cry on though or anything, you matter a lot to me and many others around here, so no matter what always try to stay strong and keep in mind how much you matter. Also, read over the various quotes in my signature whenever you may be feeling down, there's some decent stuff in there. Ahem, but overall I love you both as a friend and as a digital daughter, so always try to stay strong and hold onto what light you have :shinesprite: *huggles you*
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