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  • I only play demos. you see, I have no money for it. (my allowence is $8 a month) :(
    Your typical shooting game that's dealing with events that has already happened(World War 2 and some other crap).
    It's Call of Duty....it's really boring
    I might just need to get a new one, I still have the memory card, the 360 I have is the white one, others have either the black one or the CoD one( think there was a bundle if you get CoD Black Oops, but I don't like the CoD series)
    He basicly is trying to save the world. you see, he was warped into the future, so he battles these godmod enemies who have guns with a grappling chain, throwing knives, a katana, and magic.
    You can basicly defeat soldiers easily, but there are guys with tanks, jets, cars, and helicopters. the game is fun to play, the story is great, but its not easy to kill all these guys. some parts are frustrating.
    Well, we thought they knew how to fix it, but it hasn't been done yet, we might just send it to Microsoft
    Haha, I don't really know lol. If I say look there's Link and point out the window she looks, so I don't know lol. :D
    Haha, TP Link isn't an actual person.. I meant the Link from Twilight Princess. Sorry I should have elaborated on that :embarrassed:
    I have two younger sister, 10 and 7. They enjoy watching me play Zelda games (the 10 year old had a crush on TP Link) but they lack the ability to play video games well. :P
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