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  • LUCKY!!! Somehow I got the impression that Castle's character closely mirrors Nathan's own, but I still admire Capt. Mal, even if he might seriously benefit from an enema (Doc should have prescribed one in Ep. 1! The /real/ Ep. 1 not the one FOX aired :P)

    and I just recently discovered that Stana is the voice of Ta'lia Al'Ghul in Batman Arkham City. My mind is still blown from that!
    Oh, it's alright :P
    Doesn't top Person of Interest, but for some reason the word Castle came to mind when I registered. And since I couldn't come up with anything better at the time I just went with it. :D
    Nation Fillion FTW!!
    and Stana Katic :love:
    I thought you might want to join: Socialists of Zelda Dungeon - Dungeon Gaming Network
    The HK are given to mmebers who are showing a very mature level of posting and behavior. You should have become one already a while back imo. But you deserve it. Silly girl!! Didn't you see your name was changed purple? :P I was happy to see it purple!
    I'm extremely happy to see your name in purple!! You deserved this already a long time ago!!! Congrats girl!!!
    I bawled like a baby when I watched Grave of the Fireflies for the first time. I was literally sobbing. To this day, I don't think I've seen a sadder movie.
    Oh, 'burn' is... I guess slang for "I got you!". I first heard in a show called "That 70's Show". They always 'burn' each other xD

    Anyways, that yeah... I guess I shouldn't always let people push me over... its just that I hate yelling and I always figured if I let them have it there way, they'd just shut up xD. thanks c:
    "Burn" is slang, that's what I'm getting at xD

    I guess that's true. I try to do the same thing. And when I feel like someone is just yelling at me not listening to me at all I'll just give up and tell them they are right, even if they aren't. Yeah, I am telling you that for no reason.
    I'll just use the same excuse the gays do, I chose to be straight and I was born this way! *feels like a just made a burn but I will most likely be shot down by a triple burn by you, misskitten*

    I just noticed who lame those excuses are. Ah, excuses. lawl. Of all the arguments xD
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